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> Airdrop is one of the *most suitable* ways to make money and enter the Crypto market for newbies. I see after the airdrop of Aptos and Arbitrum, there are many people who regret not doing the airdrop soon. But how to actively find such airdrops? In this article, I will share with everyone how to find airdrop projects by themselves without depending on KOLs. **What is Airdrop? **Exactly translated literally as money “*falling from the sky*”, is an activity of distributing tokens of a project to the community, usually new projects launch tokens as a way for them to earn money. attracting the attention of the community, helping the project to be known to more people. This can be considered as one of the most effective marketing methods in recent years. Making an airdrop can help people understand more about the project, without initial investment or little capital → The first step to understand more about the cryptocurrency market! Usually when receiving the token number of each project is not high, about 10-200u, but there are still huge airdrops projects up to a few k$ or even a few tens of k$. Thanks for getting that free token! You will merge into the market in the fastest way, *skin-in-the-game*; by having to figure out where to sell those free tokens, how do you know if you get it, or if you need to claim it. From there you will be motivated to sell that token to USD, and from USD will make money **Option 1**: You go to the pages with air as often as below and find the project. Here they have listed airdrop programs from projects, so users only need to perform a few simple steps to be able to participate. * Coin Airdrops: ( * Defillama: ( * DropsEarn: ( * Airdrop Alert: ( * CoinMarketCap: ( ➔ Personally, I use the web **Defillama** to hunt for the most airdrop projects. This is the number one information platform in the crypto market today. The reason I choose Defillma is because I can find projects according to my investment taste. First access the Airdrop section on Defillma via the following link: * ( At the main screen will display projects in progress airdrop and projects that are preparing for airdrop. However, there will be many garbage projects, so we will use the filter by TVL > 5M or more. Then check and research information related to that project on Twitter. It is worth noting that this way is quite risky for newbies. For newbies with no experience, you can choose **DropsEarn** and **CoinMarketCap** because they often choose carefully before listing airdrop information for users to participate. ➔ About** **CoinMarketCap (which has been acquired by Binance) will often select carefully before listing airdrop information for users to participate, so the possibility of a scam will be less. * First access the Airdrop section on CoinMarketCap via the following link: ( or ( airdrops/)( (Figure1) Next, click on the project and proceed as required. Because doing this airdrop does not cost anything or costs a little, I encourage you to participate as much as possible. Usually, these airdrops will require performing social networking tasks such as: Like, Retweet, Comment on the announcement of the airdrop campaign, join the Telegram group or, more difficult, add a step to access the product trial. Once done, wait for the results for a while. If winning the Airdrop, the project will announce the list on Twitter and this reward will be sent directly to the wallet. **Option 2:** You go to Twitter and type the phrase “$airdrop” or type anything related to the phrase “$airdropcryptocurrency” will appear air projects for me to follow the tasks on it, similar to CoinMarketCap. Regarding giveaway and airdrop projects on Twitter, most projects will chat and send via email for you to receive rewards. Similar to the above, you go to Telegram or Discord type the phrase “@airdrop”, then there will be telechannels specializing in air for you to follow. However, on Twitter and Telegram, there are often spam projects that only experienced people can filter. It is best for newbies to choose ***Defillama***, choose reputable websites and KOLs to plow the airdrop! ⇒ Airdrop hunting link is selectively compiled and checked by C98 (Margin ATM) ( com/spreadsheets/d/16ByD37z7RyU_BakwA6hk_jC6su5292X_iYZhclb_ny0/edit?usp=sharing) **Method 3:** Also the easiest way to do an airdrop is to keep track of the wallets that received the most airdrops (figure2) ⇒ On Dune has compiled a List of wallets that have received the most airdrops, people can follow them to see which protocols and projects they interact with and then follow. Very simple but sturdy. ( Then everyone pastes the wallet address into Debank to see the interaction history with which protocol then follow. ** Some airdrop strategies:** * ***Low cost: 0-500$*** As I said, doing it the above way will cost very little or no fees, but profit Not very tall either. Usually like sharing or making memes according to the requirements of the above project, on average, you will receive from 100-200 USDT/wallet. Now everyone should focus on plowing Zksync or Layerzero, Starkware is fine. Focus on quality, don’t be greedy. I talked to Jack Vi and I know that this guy does ARB every 3 wallets and all 3 wallets won a total of 3k$ARB :> * ***Average budget: 500-5000$.*** Focus on doing 1 or 2 projects with great potential, especially, you should choose low-budget projects. An ARB or APT episode, for example. People can earn $600-1500 with just $15-20 fee. Select the projects with Testnet program and search for the keywords “incentivized testnet”, “testnet”, “testnet live” and select the project. * ***High budget: >5000$.*** With this much money, I don’t know how to plow strategy because I haven’t reached that level :)) But listening to guys share it, they usually open farm plow air then Stake, Farming, lock TVL wait for Retroactive or run nodes in potential projects. It is said that those who run nodes for Arbitrum each receive up to 6000$ ARB. ** Tips for making an effective Airdrop:** There was a time when I participated in a lot of airdrops, some projects were good and some projects were not. The most recent project I received was a project on CoinMarketCap with an amount converted to USDT of nearly 150 USDT / 1 wallet From there I found some tips that you should probably know if you do an airdrop: * Join with as many as possible. For many projects, it should be 2-3 for a project and have to do it for real because now it’s very difficult to make airdrops because Dong Lao cheats too much air. * Do all projects if given the chance instead of picking up a few projects in multiple projects. * Regularly follow the project’s Twitter or Telegram to promptly update airdrop information. Some projects only let you claim (claim) for a certain period of time only. * For projects running on ETH, it is advisable to avoid when many people FOMO like this time because the extremely high gas fees make the possibility of loss. * Use Google Sheet to manage and track information, avoid missing good bets. **Note when participating in Airdrop:** * Required to use spam wallet, spam mail when participating in projects to earn free tokens * The more difficult the project’s airdrop requirement, the higher the chance of receiving the airdrop * Must have at least telegram, twitter, blockchain wallet to participate in the project * When participating in the project, do it with the psychology of learning the project, if not airdrop, also have knowledge when “skin in the game” * No give the private key of the wallet to anyone. Although it is a junk wallet, the projects that pay rewards will pay into that wallet, losing the wallet is losing the projects that will pay rewards in the future. * Priority to choose airdrop projects on big platforms like CoinMarketCap because of their higher credibility. * If the project asks you to send them money first then it is definitely a SCAM project!

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