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Summary of the general characteristics of the x100 projects of the previous cycle:

1. Except for $ETH, $BTC coins in the top 100 by capitalization are always highly likely to be usurped in the previous cycle! the replacement rate is up to 67% by potential new coins with more interesting technology stories 2. Only about 10% of the top 600 coins on the market at the peak. Uptrend point can get x100 profit! While in the new uptrend season tens of thousands of new coins will be born this shows that it is very difficult to find hidden gems x100 with good liquidity! 3. In the previous cycle, organizations like #Multicoin, #Polychain, #Alameda, #BN and #A16Z were the top VCs in finding and supporting projects with good growth potential and liquidity. 4. Usually the coins in the most mature stage (good liquidity) have a high value, the circulating supply is usually between 40-60% of the total supply – it is not certain that projects fully unlock the total supply. are good projects that accumulate enough to xxx to 5. In the previous cycle of 2021 76% of coins x100 times in the uptrend season were coins that were launched in the uptrend and went through the accumulation period long enough 6. Investors tend to prefer low value tokens like shiba and doge because they feel like they get to hold more tokens for the same amount of money! High value coins tend to be less attractive to new investors 7. The best time to buy altcoins to gain a nice holding position can be x100 times when the alt coin is below. the real value (can refer to the onchain MC vs RMC index) according to this theory if $BTC returns to the 16k zone it is a good time to buy altcoins and hold long term 8.coins x100 good times and liquidity are usually platform and ecosystem tokens like layers 1, #Layer2, layer 0, and defi projects…. it ensures all early join investors can stock at x100 9. #Gamefi and similar projects is always an interesting niche to find hidden gems x100 under the new technology story and new web3 economic model! In essence, they are high-tech shadow ponzi games and friendly gaming images, so they are extremely attractive to cash flow 10. #memecoin, IOT is also a potential niche that is very interested, in the next cycle the IoT story is very interesting. may be followed by a new and crazier story called #AI. Source: I accidentally read it on Tweet, so please allow me to post it for everyone to read (sorry, forgot your tweet)

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