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Swiss startup challenges Apple and Google with the privacy-first operating system

Regulators around the world are increasingly pushing for policies to curb the monopoly power of Apple Inc. and Google Alphabet.Inc on mobile platforms.

A Swiss startup – Apostrophy has built a third option, an operating system with a commitment to data sovereignty

The founder of Apostrophy – Peter Neby, now has a company that sells high-end designer phones (designed for system platforms). The company is currently participating in the World Economic Forum to introduce the company to potential investors and government officials who are interested in the competitive world of mobile phones. higher.

Apostrophy is entering a competitive arena that most of the others were soon left behind, having failed in its efforts to challenge Google’s Android ecosystem and Apple’s iPhone.

Unlike Apple and Google, Apostrophy intends to charge a subscription fee for the combination of the software and services offered, the main customers of the business will be hardware manufacturers, not end users.

The company’s software, called AphyOS, is built on top of an open-source version of Android called GrapheneOS, a non-profit open-source project that creates a private and secure mobile operating system, compatible with Android applications.

Basically, Graphene OS has found a way to bypass Google, allowing users to run the applications they want, but the user’s data is not collected by Google. As such, AphyOS can run Android apps but won’t include Mobile Services or the Play Store as Google’s default.

The software works by separating apps to prevent the ability to track user behavior, unlike the changes Apple has implemented in the iOS operating system on iPhones, which severely affect the business. Ad sales numbers of Meta Platforms Inc.



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