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Synthesis of things to know, tips to swing the BRC-20 trend token

If you find the article useful, you can support me 1 Follow my Twitter (Yiwu.eth (@yiwuuzz))( ## ** BRC-20 SUMMARY ** * Originating from Ordinal annotation, BRC20 appeared to allow creation & trading of tokens * The first BRC20 token was created by a Twitter username @domodata named $ORDI (named after Ordinal annotation) * Each BRC20 token contains only 4 characters or less ($ORDI, $NALS, $MEME…) * The general mechanism of BRC20 tokens is free mint, the gameplay is quite similar to NFT If you want to learn more about how to create a wallet , mint token, read more here ( *There are 3 ways to own BRC20 token* 1. Free mint on, only fee gas (safe, but a bit expensive) 1. Buy back tokens on the exchange (you have to mint enough 20 points to trade ~ $300-$400) 1. Wait for CEX to swing (quite risky) *If you are not sensitive, you should Using method 1 is the safest, but how to mint tokens with growth potential?* **Here are the two Tips I drew after a few days of swinging at the top of BRC20** ## ** TIP TO CHOOSE TOKEN TO MINT* * * Choose tokens with fast minting speed (check progress bar on Unisats more than 60-70%, token deploy time is ok recently) * Priority is given to tokens with 21M supply (5 top 10, all 3 have this in common) * The number of Holder & Transactions as much as possible * Transaction volume should be larger than about $20K * It is important to have a community, have a large KOL & mem shill Currently BTC network has a very high fee + a large number of fomo users, so it is often congested can’t mint ## ** THIS IS A TIP TO MINT TOKEN BRC20 FAST & Easier to SUCCESS** * Should mint around 3.4am to make gas fee cheaper (because this trend most Chinese people fomo are very crowded, now It’s all gone) * Should mint one token at a time, don’t mint multiple tokens at once * Always put custom gas on High Priority (for the purpose of getting your order processed first) ## ** SOME TOOLS TO CHECK TOKEN BRC20** This list I have filtered all the most necessary tools for everyone to use when playing the BRC20 trend. ( gid=0) ## ** LIST TOKEN** This is how I learned from KOL in China to divide categories according to the concept of each token for ease: * Ordinals: $ORDI, $NALS, $DOMO * Meme: $MEME $ PEPE $SHIB, $PIZA * DeFi: $ORPO $OSHI * NFT: $PUNK $BAYC $WZRD There are many more categories but these are the hottest. Everyone can check the list of coins in this website ( ## ** ALPHA SOURCE** * This trend in China started trend is fastest and most responsive, so if you want to find alpha, follow the OG+community guys in this list ( E2%80%A6) * In addition, I see a lot of OG people in Vietnam sharing on Twitter, everyone just need to search hashtag #BRC20 and there will be many articles to read (use Twitter’s advanced search -> select English language filter). Vietnamese if you want to read KOL VN’s articles, Chinese if you want to read Chinese KOL’s articles) ## ** PERSONAL COMMENTARY** * BRC20 is a new game, maybe create xx games for ae fomo and then plan BTC * BRC20 is still in the early stages of raising awareness & educating the community, OKX has done research and Binance is also moving to support BRC20 * Like the meme, BRC20 token is a cultural and spiritual token, not yet available. What ullity to anchor value * Gate floor is leading the list of BRC20 tokens to attract volume & users (because trading on Unisats is difficult for newbies, most users will wait for CEX to buy) * If there is more fomo then other CEXs will compete for the list of BRC20 tokens > These are my personal experiences & opinions NOT NFA. Thank you everyone for reading!

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