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Take a look at the hottest new smartphone in March in Vietnam

## **Let’s take a look at the phones that will be “on shelves” in the domestic market this month.** From the high-end to mid-range, low-priced segments, many new smartphones will reach consumers in September. this 3. With the participation of new members, the market becomes more vibrant than ever, users will have more choices, suitable for shopping needs. Here are some of the hottest new smartphones in March in Vietnam market **1. iPhone 14/ (iPhone 14)( Plus Yellow** New gold iPhone 14/ iPhone 14 Plus announced by Apple on 7/ last 3. “Apple House” fans are “hunting” for them, and many retailers in the country are already allowing pre-orders. The new yellow version of the high-end iPhone pair offers a fresher and more dynamic look than the standard color versions, not as dazzling as the iPhone XR. In addition to the change in color, the configuration of the two versions has not changed compared to the standard version. In particular, the iPhone 14 Plus has a fairly large battery life and a 6.7-inch screen – for a more “already” viewing experience. Take a look at the hottest new smartphone in March in Vietnam – 2 **2. Galaxy A54 5G/ Galaxy A34 5G** This pair of 5G smartphones was just (Samsung)( announced in March, now available for pre-order. What they have in common is the same large capacity battery – 5000 mAh, 25W charging support, memory versions and modern back design. However, the Galaxy A54 5G has a better 50MP main camera, a more powerful chip, and a more delicate “punch” screen. In contrast, the Galaxy A34 5G has a larger 6.6-inch screen, equally powerful performance (Galaxy A54 5G only has a smaller 6.4-inch screen). Take a look at the hottest new smartphones in March in Vietnam – 3 **3. Xiaomi Redmi 12C** In this list, Xiaomi Redmi 12C has the lowest selling price. The product is a reasonable choice for general users, who do not need a lot of memory space and do not have the need to play heavy games. At the same time, the screen of the machine only has the old “water drop” cut. In return, the device also has a large battery – 5000 mAh, a 50MP main camera and a 6.7-inch screen, so it still meets the needs of users for taking photos, watching movies, surfing social networks. Finally, the textured back design also helps the device less fingerprints, anti-slip. **4. Realme C55** Like Samsung’s (Galaxy A) series (, Realme C55 also allows pre-order. However, Realme phones are priced much lower, just within the reach of many mid-range users. And despite the low price, it still has a striking design with a gradient back, flat edges and a large rear camera lens – giving it a luxurious feel. At the same time, the powerful processor, spacious internal memory and large screen – 6.72 inches of the machine ensure an extremely enjoyable experience when watching movies, playing games. In terms of photography capabilities, Realme C55 also does not disappoint users with 64MP main camera, 2MP secondary camera – for sharp and vivid images.



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