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Talk about making AIRDROP

Since joining the market, self-experience is quite good, whether it’s futures, margin or spot, trade meme on dex, … If it is advised to a newcomer to enter the market, it must be an airdrop. * **Why ?** After tinkering with a lot of trading arrays, I thought: * **“If you don’t work but ask for food, you can only eat the airdrop. “** To be honest, the airdrop/retroactive are the ones that help us change positions quickly and safely, not the memes that you often see the Kols shill xnxx out there. Knowing a little research, choosing good projects to do well, I’m sure I can’t lose even x10-x100 capital. So delicious, why are few people doing it all the time, but they all rush into the future and then burn it? Having said that, I also burned and then thought of these things, most people entering this market want to make a fortune and get rich quickly and buy garages and things. As for airdrops, they often have to patiently make weekly contributions to the project without immediate profit, so they may not tempt us. Sometimes you have to wait 6 months to a whole year for results. And you have to determine that they probably won’t have an airdrop. But rest assured, just winning a few wallets, a project will change our position right away. Just make a few wallets and do it evenly, 5k-10k when doing airdrop is not as difficult as you think, maybe in terms of capital If you spend money, how can you trade this amount of money, right? In addition, when skin in the game, you also learn a lot of good knowledge that traders never understand. When doing air, you will understand a lot and deep inside a project. **** Also, be grateful to the Kols who share their knowledge about this field for free, because they are sharing their delicious piece of cake for us to eat together.** **——— ————–** **UPCOMING AIRDROP HIGH SCHOOL PROJECTS :** The following projects were selected based on total capital raised, strong fund backing. , my feelings are based on previous airdropped projects. 1/ zkSync * Total raised capital: $458M * They also announced that if they issue tokens, 2/3 of it will be allocated to the community. * I think this will be the biggest airdrop project for users so far, so take advantage of it, I think the airdrop will be around March-March 2024. 2/ Metamask (ConsenSys – is a blockchain infrastructure company behind Metamask and Infura.) * Total raised capital: $450M Why do I think Metamask will airdrop ? – ENS airdrop $20,000 – Paraswap airdrop > $18,000 – Uniswap airdrop : $12,000 – CEO Joe Lubin also confirmed that Metamask will issue tokens. 3/ LayerZero * Total raised capital: $293M * Many rumors LayerZero will airdrop to users in July 2023. 4/ Starknet (Starkware): * Total raised capital: $273M 5/ Venom : * Total raised capital: $1B * Venom Fund has partnered with Iceberg Capital to establish a venture capital fund (VVF), with total capital is 1 billion USD. * The $VENOM token will be used to pay for transactions and support network maintenance. 6/ Mantle: * Total raised capital: $200M * This is a sp of $BitDAO and is managed by the $BIT community. * Mantle launched testnet and cb launched mainnet in Q3/2023. * Although there is no official announcement yet, a Mantle member has hinted that a certain amount of tokens will be distributed to the community. 7/ Scroll * Total Called Capital: $80M. Anyone who wants to find detailed instructions can find it on Pham Ninh’s twitter Thank you all for reading my shared post.

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