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Tech firms make efforts to bring employees back to the office

# ** Tech companies are working hard to bring employees back to the office** The tech industry is looking for ways to bring employees back to the office, who are used to working remotely and don’t want to change. Google, a leader in flexible working in the tech industry, frustrated employees last week when it announced it was tightening its rule that workers must be in the office at least three days a week. They will be checked in with employee cards and evaluated for work performance. “Overnight, employee professionalism is eliminated, giving way to vague attendance rules tied to job evaluation. This would cause chaos,” said Chris Schmidt, an engineer. software at Google, told *CNN*. Google spokesman Ryan Lamont said the three-day-a-week policy of working at the office “is going well”. The company wants employees to connect directly with each other and limits teleworking to “exceptions”. Google leadership is assessing how well employees are adapting to a hybrid work model. “The model has been in place for over a year now, and we’ve officially put that approach into working policy,” Lamont added. Google isn’t the only business facing objections from employees. A slew of tech companies are also pulling employees back into the office after they’ve gotten used to the flexibility of remote working. The situation is more tense in the context of technology companies that have laid off tens of thousands of workers over the past year, causing a serious decline in employee morale. At Amazon in late May, hundreds of employees gathered to express their displeasure with the policy of requiring at least three days at work. “Soon 33,000 people joined. This is the clearest expression of employee dissatisfaction in the company’s history,” said employee Pamela. Still, employee response hasn’t stopped companies that have spent billions of dollars building up their office networks over the years, and appreciating the value of face-to-face interactions in the workplace. Amazon said it “will take time” for some employees to get used to going to the office more, insisting the company was pleased to see more people returning with “full of energy and collaboration” within the first month. apply the new policy. Meta also warned office workers to be present at least three times a week since September. Salesforce tried to convince employees by announcing a $10 donation to a local charity with each people come to the office every day. “We’re proud to announce the Connect for Good program has helped raise $1 million for nonprofits,” a company spokesperson said. Workers’ working habits are changing after the pandemic. According to a global survey published by the US security firm Fortinet at the Accelerate 2023 event on June 6 in Hanoi, only 40% of businesses surveyed said that they require all employees to work at the office as before. pandemic. 55% apply hybrid working method, i.e. working remotely from 1-4 days. In which, 70% of respondents in Vietnam said that they still apply the combined model. However, the hybrid approach causes an increase in the number of devices connected to the network that are not managed, leading to an increase in security issues. The most recorded incidents were phishing, denial of service attacks, data and identity theft, ransomware, and data loss.



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