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Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis Roadmap!

**——-** Hello guys! You’re probably pretty familiar with our beginner’s roadmaps by now! I map out the basic to advanced direction, it’s like a map! And now I will write the path title ie the components of that route. Two parts are indispensable in any financial market: Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis. So for those who are just starting to learn or have been trading for a while, what to learn and how to learn? Let’s find out with me — 1. **General** Most of you understand our participation in the financial market, specifically crypto! Then our number one priority is always profit and to have a sustainable profit, knowledge, experience and experience are required. Anyone can make a profit when it’s uptrend, lucky… but to keep that money and stabilize the profits, not everyone can. And the factor that plays an important role to help you make money on the basis of knowledge is fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Because when we combine these two knowledge, we will see the “opportunity to increase price” of the project! Don’t believe in technology too much, it’s just a contributing factor in the ”opportunity to increase”, a coin/token that forever does not generate any profit for you is a waste. Be alert to learn and analyze! **I divide it into 3 parts:** 1. Technical analysis 1. Fundamental analysis 1. Criticism —— **II. Technical analysis** Technical analysis is one of the important factors, in my opinion, is “clear” to follow the market and seek profits from the market. **Definition of Technical Analysis: **Technical analysis is the process of evaluating price and market trends through the analysis of price charts, technical indicators and other factors related to trading history. . Technical analysis is used to look for patterns and trends in prices and make predictions about future price behavior. — **Road includes:** 1. **First you must master the basic concepts of the cryptocurrency market**. To be able to understand and apply technical analysis in the cryptocurrency market, it is necessary to master basic concepts such as: * Price (Price), support resistance … * Trading volume (Trading volume) * Coins direction (Trend) * Crypto market structure * Market dynamics * Technical indicators * Price patterns… ⇒ All of these can be easily googled and memorized! I think basic things like this are rarely noticed, but they are what make us “correct” when trading! **2. Learn about technical indicators**: Technical indicators are tools that help measure the trend and strength of the cryptocurrency market, helping you to make buying or selling decisions. * Some of the most popular technical indicators in the cryptocurrency market include: * Moving Average * Relative Strength Index (RSI) * Bollinger Bands, * MACD * Fibonacci, Ichimoku.. , no one is perfect 100% accurate! But we can increase the probability ratio thanks to these indi. Take the example of Fibonacci, if fibo on the past charts it matches almost over 90%, that’s the interesting thing about fibonacci. We can also apply it to trade on a bounce. Each tool will have many uses, Fibo will have such as Fibo retracement, fibo expansion…. Let’s learn all types and choose for yourself a suitable tool to trade, I’m using Fibonacci vs Ichimoku and find it quite effective. Channel: ((30) Trade Coin Technical Analysis Tutorial from Beginner to Advanced – YouTube)( ** 3. Learn about price patterns**: Price patterns are a form of technical analysis used to determine the price trend of a crypto asset. The most popular price patterns include: head and shoulders head, cup handle, triangle, rectangle, etc. From there can understand what the shark is doing, what is MM doing? Combining indi and patterns can get a pretty solid grasp of market stages such as: * Accumulation * Growth * Distribution I also wrote about market structure and price action. , models to understand the consolidation process and transaction psychology. Please read it again, the actual example on the OP and APT chart is very simple! ( ( /groups/ryanvanhungnguoiban/permalink/483757817237935/)( **4. Learn about price databases**: One of the most important parts of technical analysis is the price database. Roughly a set of values ​​that are typically recorded over time (e.g. daily closing price, daily opening price, daily low and high…) **A few suggestions:* * * Learn about exchanges: To understand crypto price databases, you need to know where this data is collected. Most exchanges provide information on the prices of cryptocurrencies. You can explore popular exchanges like Coinbase, Binance.. to learn how they collect price data of different cryptocurrencies. * Learn about API: To access and use price data from exchanges, you need to understand API (Application Programming Interface). An API is a mechanism that allows different applications to connect to and use the services of another application. You can learn about the APIs of exchanges to collect price data of cryptocurrencies. * Learn about price history: In addition to collecting current price data of cryptocurrencies, it is also necessary to study their price history to get a clearer view of the price trends and price patterns of the cryptocurrencies. electronic currency. * Finally can learn from blogs, video tutorials, online courses on price databases in the crypto sector. **5. Learn how to put technical analysis into practice**: After mastering technical analysis concepts and tools, you need to learn how to put them into practice i.e. Real War. These steps include learning about trading strategies, managing risks, determining profit targets, etc. Make a plan as detailed as possible, try and apply analytical tools. (indi) then trade to see which one is right for you! There is no holy grail for you, remember to manage risk, manage capital. – > ⇒ In summary **Technical Analysis **is an important part for most (because there are some people who just like to play with onchain, fundamental analysis) of us traders. Knowing is too good for your path, better understanding the market as well as being more responsible for your money. ———— **III. Fundamental Analysis** **Concept**: Fundamental analysis in crypto is the analysis of economic, financial, technological, tokenomic, product or community factors of a project. or a trend in the market. People often do fundamental analysis of a coin, and can also apply these steps to analyze market trends! **Fundamental analysis route:** 1. First of all, let’s learn about the project of money, this is quite familiar to you, right? Most of the fundamental analysis articles in the group will be there! This is an important part of a project that defines what the project is like! * Learn to read and understand project information * What technology, development ability: Whatever you say, this is also an important part, a factor in the price increase of the project. * Use case, revenue model, tokennomic * How experienced is the development team? * How supportive is the community of that project * VCs like? => In this part, I will give an overview, in detail I will introduce some typical articles for your reference, I am not as good as:< **Bài phân tích cơ bản của Lê Kỷ: **( **Đầu tư giá trị: **( **2. Tìm hiểu về các dự án liên quan đến đồng đang tìm hiểu:** Này có thể hiểu như sau: Vi dự một coin/token trong một Hệ sinh thái nào đó như BNB, SOL, ARB.. thì cũng nên đánh giá hệ sinh thái đó như thế nào? Tổng quan về TVL, công nghệ, influencer gắn bó chain đó hay không? Hay nội tại chain đó trong giai đoạn thị trường này có tốt hay không? Nếu đồng tiền điện tử có liên quan đến một doanh nghiệp, quỹ ⇒ hãy tìm hiểu về doanh nghiệp đó để đánh giá các yếu tố kinh tế, tài chính và quản lý của nó để xem tác động xấu nhất xảy ra khi các doanh nghiệp, quỹ này phá sản thì ảnh hưởng như thế nào. Case điển hình như Luna, FTX, 3AC… **3. Xem xét các yếu tố kinh tế:** Tìm hiểu về các yếu tố kinh tế vĩ mô như: * Tỷ lệ cung và cầu, * Tỷ giá tiền tệ và chính sách tài khóa của chính phủ để đánh giá tác động của chúng lên giá trị của đồng tiền điện tử. * Lãi suất, lạm phát.. 1. **Theo dõi tin tức và sự kiện**: Một điều không thể quên là hãy tập theo dõi tin tức và sự kiện liên quan đến đồng tiền điện tử để đánh giá tác động của chúng lên giá trị của đồng tiền. Thông tin = $$$ . Ai nắm được thông tin thì sẽ có cơ hội đi trước một bước. Kết hợp (3)(4), Mình có tìm hiểu được từ một người có chuyên môn về các bước phân tích cơ bản, họ sẽ phân tích theo hướng này, đại lại mình xét là Kết hợp mục (3)(4): * Phân tích vĩ mô: Tác động như thế nào tới kinh tế chung toàn cầu, nhỏ hơn là crypto * Phân tích Big news crypto * Phân tích chart khung lớn như Month, Week * Khung Day * Khung 4h * Khung 1h & khung nhỏ hơn để tìm điểm vào lệnh. => This process is quite vip already **4. Build predictions:** Based on the information gathered, you can make predictions about the potential upside of a cryptocurrency and make appropriate investment decisions. Practice making judgments based on fundamental analysis + technical analysis, which will help you better understand the market, better understand how MM, bookmakers create fluctuations, good news. Understand market statement & market structure. **5. Monitor and evaluate performance**: Once the predictions are made, Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your investment decisions to learn and adjust in the next investment decisions. Here are 6 steps for proper and effective analysis (from my point of view). But the information obtained will also be through my own perspective! At this point will need another important part. That is to counter it, to doubt his own judgment. At the end, I will present. — **IV. Criticism and steps** This is based on Critical Thinking to apply, I always appreciate thinking and critical thinking, the better! I myself have not been able to apply much, mainly there are methods: **1. Formulate your question** Hey guys, present your problem? Or what you need, it will be like these questions: * In what aspect should I learn about this project? Which is the most important? * Where will this information be obtained? Is the quality of the information good? * Is this use case necessary in the current market period? Use 5W&1H to ask questions! **2. Gather your information** This step is to gather information based on questions! Earn as much as possible! Go to Ryan’s group to find information search websites, from which to get as much information as possible about the issues you need or read the comments of the quality KOLs you follow! For example: You need information about the potential of coin arb. Then go to tradingview, discord, Coinmarketcap, tele, website, check TVL, ecosystem check all its information. This is the data collection step. **3. Apply the information** This can be a screening and analysis step, arranged according to your route. Then start logic it again to come to a conclusion about yourself. **4. Consider the implications** It is easy to understand how the information you learn from macro, big news, project basics, chart… will affect the price, trend of that coin/token/. For example, after reviewing the collected information related to BTC Macro is good news BTC goes up Big news nad news: BTC down Chart reversal BTC down Long term trend BTC down BTC price may drop in short-term and increased again after the correction phase. **5. Explore other points of view** After judging and then refer to other assumptions, it may be the opposite of you! But don’t be negative about it, let’s dissect why they have such a view! For example ARB analysis, if you want to buy, where can you find some dump-sw-pump analysis, let’s explore it! Doubt your judgments, never stop questioning your own judgments ⇒ When you’ve finished criticizing, review it again to make the right decision! Good luck Link if you need it: ((30) 5 tips to improve your critical thinking – Samantha Agoos – YouTube)( I’ll stop here! Good luck guys!

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