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The BTC update on March 26, the price was trading in a narrow range of 27 to 28k.

The price was flat and the whales were out of stock most of the time when they started buying from the 21k retail price range (whale vs retail). The leverage ratio of the Top traders closed a lot of long (h1) positions. The futures market is bearing the brunt of the spot bnagwf opening long positions keeps the price from falling further this process can only slow the downtrend but is intrinsically unstoppable (h2). When the price goes down, the low ranges are continuously pushed up by futures market orders. When the price goes up again, the wallets of MM spor sell again and the wallets of small spots buy at high prices, creating liquidity for the fish to exit. Repeat the process when the price moves sideways. h3). The fry are always trapped by a psychological trap that low price will not buy and wait lower when the price is high, the big fish exit, the juveniles confirm the uptrend and start buying to create a bar for the market (h4). ). Whale spot wallets sold out strongly from the 288 area and showed no sign of stopping when the price moved sideways (h5). When the price fell back to the 27k range, at this time the fry started selling again and the whales opened large long positions to push the price up through the CVD whale, leading to the sell orders at 27k being liquidated again (h6). Repeating the process has changed the psychology of retail investors from wanting to sell at high prices to buying at high prices. Depreciation assets gradually change the trading psychology and people often tend to go all in to get it back, that’s when the sharks will strike. Concluding that the current sideways price is completely right for the purpose of exiting the whale’s line.

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