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The Complete Crypto Investment Thinking Guide for Beginners!

**————** Hello everyone! Coming back after a series of FUD from the financial market, hope you can secure your assets, better be profitable. At this point, the bitcoin price is said to be “bottom” but is it sure that it is the bottom? I think the best if you play, then play within your own safety, the most important thing right now (from my point of view) is to stop for a while, read and consolidate your thinking and build a Knowledge and experience system from A to Z. If anyone asks in the financial and crypto market, what is most important is the mindset, not only me but most people who have played for a long time have the same answer. word. And this is an article like that, this gathers my thoughts and perspectives to accumulate the hope to help you avoid losing money and get a better direction. The manual will include the following thoughts and experiences: * Thinking about money * Thinking about this cruel crypto market * Thinking about how to make money: AIrdrop, Spot, Future, niche.. —- ——- **Part I: Thinking about money** Most of us have problems with money, and this is the first problem I ask (If you feel this problem is enough) If you understand, move on to part 2.) I myself really need money and also want to make a lot of money whether in the traditional market or the financial market! We rarely realize how much money it affects us, a simple example: If someone asks you how much money you make per month, or do you have a lot of money left in your body? Then we rarely feel comfortable sharing the truth, if we do, we still feel a little unhappy in our hearts. Master Osho ”We love money because it dies, we own it” and it forms our greed. I say this issue as a basis for why people are eager to invest but borrow to invest, use leverage to want to get rich quickly. And it is also money that motivates us to look for risky investment channels and crypto is one of them. Why do some people borrow to invest? Why do some people without much experience use leverage? Because we have not thought about money carefully and deeply! If understanding money as a means is our tool, should we use it and it will make us more comfortable? Borrowing to have a lot of pressure, leverage is afraid of fire, the investment game is even more difficult. The house, MM also relies on this mindset to drive and make prices! Where is someone who has not been trained but is not impatient to see other people’s accounts increase but they are still lying still, or panic when Market Maker makes the price to collect goods and then sell them all? Understanding money, will help you invest more awake and wise! Less follow the crowd and a little more patient! To have the right mindset, it takes time to learn and experience and then see. I will send some documents for you to think about, because this topic is very broad! And this is the first part of the article, this topic is quite new and I have rarely shared it before, so please feel free to ask any questions. – **Part II: Thinking about this cruel crypto market!** How do we enter the market? Do you understand the risks when participating in the financial market, especially volatile like this crypto? Do many brothers come to this market because of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? Seeing that my best friend was thriving, I knew it was a coin game if I asked! Or read news from forums, articles that see the crash from Cryptocurrency market and then curious to learn and believe that they will win big at this game. Or listen to a certain KOLs, the bottom market and then try to put $100 or a little into the market x10 x100 soon. And so starting with almost zero knowledge of crypto, many people believe that they stumble outside of the traditional market a lot, then it will be okay to enter crypto. But when it comes to money, the financial game is not as easy as we think, thorny and full of risks. **I will take an example that almost everyone has heard from someone complaining, posting to share from social:** A business person outside of the traditional office or an office person. Saving a decent amount of money while working. Every month, I see my salary in my account, but I don’t feel like it’s increased much after deducting expenses, so I am determined to find a way to earn more money, then fate knows crypto. Initially, I told my heart to put a little money into playing, lose all, then stop taking experience. In some cases, it can be eaten, maybe because at the right time of an uptrend or money flow, so the market is easy to eat. Then the market is bad, or greedy to increase the volume should return all. If you think you have experience, then continue to dep, more and more until it burns out and then realize that your savings have run out, and even borrowed more from friends and family at times of bitterness. Many people have been like that, from a hard worker, an exemplary husband and son, to a thoughtful, sad person, looking far away in this ryan group, there are many men like that, but it’s not strange. ⇒ The most important thing is that you have to think, in your mind that all your actions can lead to a losing investment decision. The domino effect will make the decision to lead a small loss become bigger (see the 3AC funds, Luna entails the consequences)! With the attitude of cultivating your knowledge of the market, constantly practice, correct it wrong, and be very careful with your account! Understand your own feelings when entering an order or fomo a certain coin or token. Such a mindset can only exist in this crypto, success or failure depends on you. – **Part III: Thoughts and experiences on Trade spot, Future, Crypto trading.** This is the most direct way of most crypto investors, right? So how to think when participating in trade spot, future. I do not recommend playing futures, because it is solo with the market, but already solo with the market, the probability of winning is very low. Think that this is a game of sharks, of the house, where they make prices, so don’t think you’re smart and go against them. They steer the crowd very well, so they only go against the road, I never dare to underestimate the market, finance always has an invisible power that makes it more difficult for players to quit, that’s why many people Borrowing debt, pledging assets to continue to suffer. So before entering an order, note a few things: * Need to understand your position, how much is your capital? Accept how much loss without psychological impact, specifically the following orders and plan as detailed as possible. * If the loss is within an acceptable amount but still feel uncomfortable, want to remove the gauze or bitterly want to return to the order even though there is no clear information, then turn off the phone for a walk, rest, eat, until your mind relaxes and then comes back. * When the mood is not good due to staying up late, work deadlines or family problems, you should not trade. Don’t let emotions overwhelm you, wrong decisions lead to your account being burned (I’ve been burned before or when trading futures :))) burned a few times before leaving) * And when there is a profit, how do you handle that profit? I think you should cash out 50% of the profit, use the remaining interest to continue playing.** The number will make you underestimate the money in the account, 5k$ in the account feels like it’s only 500k vnd outside* * =)) So VND is true love, play in control and enjoy your results. ⇒ Always affirm that the best thinking is independent thinking, must know how to self-study, learn to practice, then correct mistakes, write in the transaction log to have something left in your head. Relying on others will sometimes be sold out or not. Moreover, it is also advised that you want to trade, take money from the airdrop to trade, the source of money from there will help your psychology to be resolved not to worry too much about affecting your outside life if you lose all. Because most of you deposit money, when it burns again, you will load more, there is a risk of debt (game position and psychology in finance). Going by yourself will be difficult, but the results are very sweet, try not to leave the market lest you regret it later! – **Part IV: Thinking about Airdop and other niches** Airdrop, retroactive is a way to make money with a good position, taking advantage of it will help you more favorable in this harsh game. I also share a lot about this way of making money, but the crypto market fluctuates every day, so each stage will have a different mindset, so we should be flexible. **Thinking**: Determine the goal first, don’t say it’s fun or do it because people see results! That doesn’t work, it’s true. A good result will start from a good mindset, a really serious attitude to the work being done. Ask yourself questions like: * How much can I spend on it a day? 1 hour or full time? * How long will I stick with it? What if 3 to 6 months without earning any money but still lose gas fee, retroactive fee? * How does the mechanism of each component in the airdrop work? What do I learn from it? Where to track the bets, should cheats? Cheat how to cheat? * Who am I working for? Me or my family or someone important to me? That’s important because if you do it for others, can you be persistent? * What is the goal? The more specific the better! Dreaming is very easy to be confused. It is good to have a management file. ⇒ When you have such a mindset, everything will be brighter, but every path has its own difficulties, for example a few problems for you to see clearly: * Work for a few months, do it every day. also cheat but still no results, both time consuming and laborious, spending miscellaneous costs. Meanwhile, it is showing off some money from the airdrop of several thousand dollars. Are you discouraged? Feeling a little spicy? Should understand doing this, it’s only gold in the desert, really, many KOLs share a bunch, they can only get a few bets for the whole year =)) Mainly KOls eat affiliate money, shill money. * Or in the more unlucky case, know this project is good, spend a lot of money to make retroactive but when it comes time to pay, it’s a scam =)) Depends on DEV too. So everything needs to be properly distributed, don’t be too fomo, sometimes it’s too delicious and everyone can see it, it’s not as good as we thought * The most common thing is to see genuine goods, it airdrops and then refuses to release it. ! Let go, my God, enjoy your efforts first. Many men hug and wait for it to get bigger before releasing it or buying more money =))) Guys who do airdrops are often like this, so wake up, let it go tomorrow it’s xnxx, just ignore it. There are many cases as well as difficulties in doing, hacking Crypto wallets of all kinds. That’s why be creative and smart. Making an airdrop also requires your own principles. ⇒ As for the thinking part, I’ll just talk about it here, and how to do it, cheat or bet, look it up on twitter. Good luck. — * A little word about other niches such as Jobs in crypto: CM, BD.. or DEX genres, whitelist… In crypto there are many opportunities no less than outside of the traditional one. If you study further, you will realize that in crypto there is a lot of talent needed, there is a significant shortage of labor. Looking for a job in this as well as outside, need the necessary skills such as: English, expertise, dedication.. bla bla. The salary is not low, the most important thing is that by following this path, knowing as much as possible supports the crypto journey a lot. For this part, read his job search manual: ( /433200462293671/) Thinking about playing DEX: You have to understand that playing DEX is different from playing CEX, it doesn’t follow PTKT very much, sometimes the fibo player won’t miss anything. Break many rules because mainly cap is small, liquidity is small. Understand that, then divide the playing capital appropriately. Don’t hold the all-in style (for example, if you swap $1000 to swap all the tiny lqs, you’ll lose hundreds of dollars as soon as you buy them =))). DEX is a bit more sophisticated, because it is suitable for those who are young or like to research. Xnxx assets are very fast, I also made my own thanks to DEX, not thanks to CEX. Many ways to play DEX I also guide: ( There are many ways to make money, a little hard work to have a source of income such as Mining, staking, yield, OTC, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Non-Fungible Tokens (NTFs),,, So wish you more luck Well, my post is also long, if you have any questions, just comment, or ask me, I will answer. Hope this article will help you more or less during this difficult market period <3.

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