Thursday, December 7, 2023
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The entire financial market is waiting for the results of the CPI and BTC is preparing for a trading session with a very large fluctuation range.

Firstly, the DVOL level of BTC and ETH is at the support range in the all time frame, which means that the volatility is coming and much stronger than the previous sessions (h1). The spot market recorded a huge selling pressure in the weekly and monthly frames of wallets from 1 to 10 million (h2,3). At the moment, we buy at 26k from 25 million dollars, reduced to 15 million dollars. The problem appears that a 26 buy wall will play the role of attracting more liquidity at the top to help push the price. This is implicitly understood that after the large buying volume at 26k mn, there will be a tendency to accept buying at the top slightly higher This has also happened with the futures market, traders have started accepting longs since range 275(h4,5). both oi cvd and funding are green again. Obviously with the 26k buy wall below, it has strengthened my bullish belief. The fact that long orders come quite early and crowded will not be good for BTC. In conclusion, increasing long orders too much will lead to liquidation of longs first. The price going from 282 to 274 has had a little sign of consolidating goods, but the person who quickly is still a baby fish with about 1.58 million addresses with and bought 560k BTC(h6) we need to wait patiently for the whale to come back. And if worst case scenario they don’t re-enter, there will still be 1 more short scan.

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