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The feature of finding lost iPhone causes harm

## The man is mistaken for a phone thief and is constantly disturbed at his home because of the location error of the Find My feature on the iPhone. Scott Schuster, a resident of Richmond, Virginia, USA, was harassed by dozens of people, knocking on his door all day long because of an error in the Find My feature on iPhone. These people said they lost the phone and its location displayed at his house. “I lost my phone. When I turned on Find My iPhone, the app showed it was at this address,” a resident shared with ABC 13. This made Schuster very frustrated because he was disturbed. “I had to get up in the middle of the night to open the door and explain to them that I didn’t keep their phone. But nobody believed me,” he told local newspaper KTRK. Schuster said he’s had this problem since moving in in 2018. Every few months, it’s happened again. He also shared a video of these people entering the house because they mistakenly believed in the location on Find My with ABC 13. Most of the people appearing in the video were very angry and indignant. Some even threatened to call the police. “The police are on their way there. You’d better talk to me before they come,” another resident said. Despite being a veteran software engineer, Schuster himself doesn’t know why their Find My app shows his location. He believes that this is a major problem related to the system application on the iPhone and has many dangerous risks. Schuster is also very angry when people constantly show up at the door while in the house with two children, 7 and 9 years old. He was afraid the children would be in danger. “There are a lot of people who will act irrationally when they lose their phone and find out that someone has stolen it. This is what worries me the most. I was afraid there would be someone with a weapon standing at the door,” Schuster said. He said he contacted Apple’s customer care team several times since the beginning of 2022. The man called, texted, even filed a complaint, but still to no avail. Apple Support marked his complaint as resolved but in fact nothing changed. A few days later someone showed up and knocked on the door. “I work from home and have a young child. I just hope everything will be resolved soon so that the children can sleep well every night. My daughter used to lose sleep when someone caused a commotion at 3-4 am,” Schuster shared. Responding to the matter, Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan said he was surprised and informed his subordinates in case something went wrong. He said that this is a problem caused by Apple, so they need to solve it soon. According to Eric Fagan, Apple accidentally put an entire family in danger. Fagan asked the technology corporation to take this issue seriously because they are just innocent people. “I am very worried when people arbitrarily investigate when their phones are lost or robbed. Fortunately, they went to an unrelated person’s house and obeyed the law. If not, they are endangering the other family,” Fagan said. According to the sheriff, people gathered in front of Scott Schuster’s house could be arrested for trespassing on personal space. “When Schuster said he didn’t take the phone and asked them to leave and they were still standing there, they could be arrested by the police,” Fagan said.



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