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The first Garmin Forerunner watch with an AMOLED display

Forerunner 965, Garmin’s latest running smartwatch, gets upgraded titanium bezels, an AMOLED display, and a 21-day battery. Forerunner 965 is the new and most advanced watch in the Garmin running smartwatch line, which has just been sold in Vietnam for VND 16.5 million. Products in the same price range as high-end smartwatches such as Coros Vertix 2, Apple Watch Ultra or Garmin’s Fennix 7 series. The first upgrade of the product is an AMOLED screen instead of MIP (Memory In Pixel) on previous generations. The screen has the largest 1.4-inch size on Garmin smartwatches, with a high resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, giving superior visibility in color, definition, and brightness compared to MIP. This screen also supports touch, more convenient for viewing maps or accessing features while running. However, a minus point of the AMOLED screen is that the battery life is reduced compared to the previous generation, as when opening the GPS continuously is 31 hours compared to 42 hours of the 955 model using the MIP screen. Another upgrade of the product is a more durable titanium bezel, and at the same time makes this model light at only 53 grams, equivalent to the 955 model despite its larger size (47 mm compared to 46 mm). Light weight is the advantage that runners like in this line of watches. The buttons are made in the same color as the case and look more sturdy and beautiful than the metal buttons like the previous generation. The Start / Stop button has a larger oval shape, which is convenient to operate compared to the old round button. Forerunner 965 is equipped with a new generation health sensor with a more curved back, for a comfortable wearing feeling. However, the back material is still plastic despite the high price of the product. Forerunner 965’s new sensor allows for more health and fitness metrics to be measured than before, including HRV, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, sleep, training performance, recovery levels, and energy levels. body mass and energy when running in real time. The Forerunner 965 is also the first Garmin watch to integrate the ability to measure running parameters such as stride length, ground time, and frequency of landing instead of having to wear a dedicated sensor. The product is equipped with a new generation multi-band GPS with a full global topographic map. This is also the first Forerunner model to feature SATIQ that recognizes its surroundings to use GPS in optimal mode. For example, in an environment with many obstacles, the 965 uses satellites in both L1 and L5 bands for accurate positioning, while in a well-ventilated environment, the product only uses GPS alone to save battery. New series of straps with two different layers and tones. The rubber band is softer and more comfortable than on other Garmin smartwatches. The company still uses a 2mm wire, the minus point is that there is no Quick Fit mount to help change the wire quickly. Similar to other Garmin smartwatches, users can use the Garmin Connect app to connect to the watch to customize parameters as well as share training parameters with other applications such as Strava.



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