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The head of Instagram has chosen Android, where are all the iOS fans!

**Ever since Meta launched Threads, users have been wondering what to post on this new app. To increase engagement, brands along with users have begun to question their followers. One question in particular caught the attention of Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, and his answer sparked a fierce debate.** Marques Brownlee, a popular tech YouTuber, asked his Threads followers to share “the most interesting views on technology”. With hot debates about technology, this is a great way to stimulate users’ curiosity. The head of Instagram, Mosseri, decided to join and give his opinion on the debate between “(Android)( and iOS”. In his answer, Mosseri simply said that “Android is better now than iOS”. A seemingly innocuous statement, but shows that Android has overtaken iOS to become the best operating system today. However, that answer caused many commenters to disagree and disagree with Mosseri’s views. Some users reacted strongly to Mosseri’s statement, with seemingly defiant and sarcastic responses: “I hate privacy too” and “Do they let you dress yourself in the morning?”. One comment even used a familiar meme image of Eric Andre sitting on a chair asking: “Why do you say something controversial but so brave?”. However, Mosseri is not alone in his opinion. Many Android fans have defended Mosseri and asserted that Android is better. They think that Android is innovating and developing strongly while (Apple)( is still standing. And no matter which side you support, the war between operating systems continues and remains as controversial as before.



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