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The July 18 BTC update with price actions prepares for a big move to come.

Currently, the price has been moving sideways in the 30k price range for nearly 3 consecutive days CVD perp has decreased but OI is still increasing strongly and the fungding rate is positive now, the long ratio is dominant. Continuing to compare the LONG/SHORT ratio of the 3 major derivative exchanges including goomg biance bybit and okk, it can be seen that the long ratio is entering the danger zone above the 60%(h2) mark. After a few green candles at the beginning of the month, everyone’s optimism has started to return, so if the price drops further, it will be ready to open a long order and DCA if the price drops further. . The conclusion for a fairly high long rate will make BTC necessary to have a strong enough span. For the Option market, the price continuously running around the 30kdo mark in the 30k area is concentrating a rather large gamma mark in both negative and positive directions, leading to a tug-of-war (h3,4). However, below the 30k range it is very dangerous to activate the positive gamma in the 29k range and below. Finally, the DVOL level of BTC is in the support area and has a strong rebound to increase volatility in the coming days (h5). Conclusion BTC is in a very dangerous price range when the rate of longs is growing out of control

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