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The knowledge of last year but this year is still good,

Some experience of going to the market & hunting for the downtrend season for the first F0s who have never experienced the bear market… With the situation of BTC in particular and the market in general, finding the bottom as it is now, your investment portfolio is mostly like they’re all in a state of 5, 7 or all of the profits they’ve built up, aren’t they? After a series of days of sublimation in the copper market, of the hot trends, the adjustment is an inevitable trend, sooner or later it will have to happen, the problem is just how much and how long it will decrease… This question of course no one can answer, so what we need to do at the moment is to preserve the remaining capital, restructure the investment portfolio and look for new opportunities, although difficult and not too potential, big expectations like in the previous day’s uptrend. During the downtrend season, you should remember that as long as there is capital and no loss, we are already better than most of the crowd out there… If you have money, you have a chance, you can freely buy everything cheaper. normal, even the most promising projects. Since this is a time of mixed gold, except for the lead trends or being pumped & kept on purpose, everything is sold out according to the BTC ancestor. Having money to buy is good, but it’s better to know how to buy and DC properly, so I would like to share some tips that I have applied every time the market corrects as follows: – At the present time , a lot of projects are in the stage of paying private tokens, as you know, this team’s buying position seems to be the cheapest, it can be said that they can’t lose and make a profit at any price. Especially avoid projects that are too big, too expensive and the pri price is too cheap compared to the current price => auto pri receiving tokens will discharge sml, both xxx to and downtrend need to keep money, you do not discharge others will also discharge… – So to avoid making their life liquid, please limit the purchase & use of projects that are scheduled to pay pri. If you still want to buy, be very patient, know how to bargain and wait, and carefully check the payment schedule and the quantity and purchase price of that pri team. – A typical example can be mentioned: BICO – an indispensable product in the Web3 trend. In terms of technology, there’s nothing to argue about, but for the price… no less than 5 times I’ve seen the shill team say under x$ is a gift (x runs from 15 to 1). Bico’s pri is still paying a long time, and the pri price is only 0.x$ => If you buy and dca blindly, it will be a dead end road with no way back. – Instead, my style of play is to buy paid fairlaunch, airdrop or pri items. Along with that, of course, is a thorough research process. – The fairlaunch is to ensure that the VC and the player have the same starting point, not the price of the VC that is dozens of times cheaper than the public price as usual, so there will be no scene of funds releasing shit on buyers later like usual. – The airdrop is more special, it’s a free item, so you have to monitor and watch the discharge. When we have claimed all and discharged relatively, the price goes sideways for a long time and there are signs of collection, it is time we also consider getting on the boat to get a good position and entry. – Writing is so long, in short, everyone just need to note 2 main points: + Don’t buy or buy too many projects that are paying private tokens. + Should focus on potential goods, sell fairlaunch, airdrop or have paid off previous private sale rounds. – The market is in a difficult period of making money, so I can only share a little bit of my experience, criteria and project selection style with everyone, but I can’t intentionally call any bets like when I was still young. uptrend again. Hopefully through that will help everyone, gain lessons and experiences without having to pay the price with your own money, only to realize simple things that are easy to lose money unnecessarily. . Stay strong everyone, Uptrend we’ll still be together and forever be brothers! Practice it in the comments below, I will share the contract as a model.

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