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The mistake of many people when using cases: Not only do they not provide protection, they also make the phone more susceptible to damage

# **The mistake of many people when they like to use cases: Not only do they not provide protection, they also make the phone more susceptible to damage** **Although it is considered a good phone protection solution, in fact Cases are not the perfect solution. They even damage phones.** Smartphones are expensive electronic devices. There are high-end phone models like iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy S23 that cost up to tens of millions of dong. For many people, the phone is sometimes an expensive “heirloom”, it takes a long time to save up. Therefore, the common psychology of users is to cherish the phone and protect it by all means. You don’t want your phone damaged, scratched, or even dusty. That’s completely understandable, especially since repairing some smartphones costs as much as buying a new device. Cases are considered the best phone protection solution. Even the case is considered an indispensable item for everyone who uses the phone. Although there are many advantages, in fact cases are not the perfect solution. You can consider the following disadvantages before using this accessory. ## **first. Not 100% Protection** Most people who buy a phone case think that accessories will make their phones more durable and last longer. Some people use cases to keep their phones new and have a higher resale value. However, the case does not protect the phone 100%. Sometimes, they even increase the chances of a machine breaking down. For example, if dirt, debris, or moisture gets into the phone case, they can scratch or crack the rear glass. ## **2. Loss of Aesthetics** Smartphone companies spend millions of dollars to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing product design. They always want the product when launched will receive user satisfaction. From premium glass coatings to unique design lines, color-changing viewing angles and a host of other innovations, smartphone design has evolved dramatically over the past few years. There’s no reason why you should hide a beautiful smartphone that took years to design with a one-color phone case. It’s because your phone is expensive, so show it off to everyone, instead of covering it with a lifeless shell just for fear of getting scratched. ## **3. Reduced heat dissipation** Today’s smartphones are packed with powerful chips and outstanding multitasking capabilities. When in use, the machine will emit a large amount of heat. If using a case, the compressed heat inside will not escape, which will harm the device and cause discomfort when using. This is made worse if the phone case is made of a variety of materials or is too thick. The problem is aggravated when the phone is exposed to external heat sources (sun, lights, etc.). Frequent overheating will damage the battery. Not using a case will help the phone dissipate heat better and feel cool to hold. Ignoring the problem of heat dissipation and overheating, the case also makes the smartphone big, heavy, bulky and unnatural. ## **4. Poor wireless charging** Wireless charging technology requires physical contact between the smartphone and the charging dock. To use convenient accessories, users are required to remove the case. This causes trouble every time I use it. Some wireless charging docks can charge smartphones through the case, but there is one catch: longer charging time. As mentioned above, wireless charging is effective when the phone is placed close to the charging dock. The presence of a phone case increases the distance so charging is not optimal. All in all, cases help protect the phone, but they’re worth little compared to the damage they cause. You should not use it often or invest too much money to buy high-end protective cases. Normally, each person usually has a phone exchange cycle in 2-3 years. Therefore, promoting the high-end feeling / aesthetics of the phone when not using a case is also something to consider. Just remove the case and you’ll find your phone sleek and lightweight in the hand. That is exactly the experience that the manufacturer wants to bring to the user. And if for some reason, you still want to use a case, then use ultra-thin cases. But you should know that phones are not designed to be protected by cases. Manufacturers have spent a lot of time researching and using the latest protective materials (e.g. Corning Gorilla Glass) to make phones more and more durable.



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