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The most useful hidden features on iOS 16

## **Software version iOS 16 brings many hidden features but very useful for iPhone users, especially iPhone 14 series.** **View and share Wi-Fi passwords**: With iOS 16, users have more options to view and copy Wi-Fi passwords to share with others. To use this feature, users go to the Settings app > Wi-Fi and select the i icon next to the Wi-Fi connection to see the hidden password. After authenticating with Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode, users can view the password and copy it to share with others. **Delete Duplicate Photos**: iPhone storage is limited, while many people don’t want to spend money to buy more iCloud storage. Therefore, from iOS 16, the Photos application is also updated with the feature to support users to search and delete duplicate photos to reduce iPhone space. Duplicate photos will be listed in the “Duplicates” Album. **Thanks to the virtual assistant Siri hangs up**: With each iOS update, Apple is always looking for ways to improve Siri’s virtual assistant features to provide the most convenient user experience. iOS 16 version is no exception when users can ask Siri to hang up the phone when making an ‌FaceTime‌ call. As a side note, this function is only available on ‌iPhone‌ 11 and later devices. **Lock Sensitive Albums**: Albums hidden inside the iOS Photos app are not hidden as the name suggests. Everyone can see and see the content inside, as long as the machine is unlocked and logged in. With iOS 16.1, things have become more private with a small padlock icon next to the *Hidden* and *Recently Deleted* folders. To access these content, users must have a passcode or Face ID. **Copy image editing settings:** Users can copy editing settings such as contrast, saturation or exposure from one image to another without repeated corrections. If you are editing a photo/video and are satisfied, press the *Menu button *upper right corner, select *Copy edits*. Next, switch to the photo you want to apply the edit to, press *Menu* and then select *Paste Edits*. After about a second, the image will be applied the same parameters as the previous image. **Enable haptic feedback when typing**: Although the iPhone has had haptic feedback for a long time, Apple has not applied this feature on its keyboard. It was not until iOS 16.1 version, this feature officially reached users. To enable keyboard haptic feedback, users go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback and drag the switch in the Haptic section. **Pin Favorite Tabs in Safari**: Previously, Mac users could pin tabs in Safari on Mac, but iOS 15 does not yet support this feature. When updating to iOS 16 version, users can pin their favorite tabs or tab groups (Tab Groups). Once pinned, the tab will move to the top of the browser and show up as a small bar. **Delayed email delivery**: Users often encounter situations where they accidentally send emails, especially when multitasking or replying to multiple messages at once. As a result, Apple added a feature in iOS 16 that gives users 10 seconds to cancel mistakenly sent emails. If 10 seconds is not enough, the user can choose the delay period including 10 seconds, 20 seconds and up to 30 seconds. **Use Face ID in landscape**: Ever since Face ID debuted on iPhone X in 2017, this feature has always required the user to hold the iPhone upright in portrait orientation. This causes discomfort in some situations, such as when the user is lying in bed. By iOS 16, users were able to unlock iPhone horizontally. However, on the homepage, Apple says that only “certain iPhone models” will support the ability to unlock Face ID in this way, namely iPhone 13 and later. **Remove unused default apps**: This feature first appeared on iOS 10, but only for some apps like Stocks, Maps or Calculator. On iOS 16, users can delete 3 more default apps: Find My, Clock and Health to save memory. However, deleting these apps may affect the connection of some devices such as the Apple Watch.



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