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The movement causes the refrigerator to consume a lot of electricity

# **Fridge uses a lot of electricity** ## **While we often do different things to save electricity for our family, one thing can also make our bills worse. electricity increases every day.** This article will talk about a gesture that users make to the refrigerator that can consume a lot of energy. How does it affect and what can be done to avoid it? Remember that the refrigerator is one of the most power consuming electrical appliances. In fact, in many cases it can account for about 30% of your total monthly electricity bill. Therefore, controlling how we use it is essential to reduce our electricity bill each month. **Avoid opening the refrigerator** The purpose of the refrigerator is to maintain the indoor temperature so that food stays fresh. We can set it to 5 or 6 degrees, this is normal and it will maintain that temperature. However, every time we open the door, the energy consumption will be greater because the air from outside with a higher temperature will come in, so the compressor will have to work to restore that temperature again. . And if the door stays open for a long time, logically, this consumption will increase. And be careful, we’re not just talking about leaving the door open for many minutes, but even for just a few seconds it can have a lot of impact and there is an exchange of hot air with colder air inside. So what should be done to save electricity? Ideally, users only open the door when necessary. Do not leave the door open for longer than necessary to get or put food in. Think every second counts and the longer the door is open, the harder the compressor has to work to recover the temperature afterwards. **Be careful when leaving the freezer open** In addition to the problem of the refrigerator door being left open, users must be very careful when leaving the freezer compartment open. What could happen? The duct to the refrigerator that does not freeze will freeze. This will prevent the refrigerator from cooling anything. Logically, that should cause a large amount of consumption to get everything restored to work properly. If you forget to open the freezer and fall into this situation, it is best for users to open the freezer and use a dryer to defrost as soon as possible. Once this is done, it should work properly again. Of course, users will consume a lot of electricity when doing so, so that’s not something that should happen often. As shown, small gestures such as controlling the time to open the air conditioner are essential to avoid problems. The goal is to save on electricity bills, and certainly with everything refrigerator-related, users should keep this in mind. Control the temperature, avoid opening the door more than necessary and do not let hot food inside. All this will help save money. If using a smart refrigerator, make sure to improve your home Wi-Fi network so it works properly.



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