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The number of people playing games on Windows 11 is increasing gradually

# **The number of people playing games on Windows 11 is gradually increasing ** ## A Valve survey has revealed the growth of Windows 11 users on the Steam platform. According to *Neowin*, in the latest reports of the technology industry, many users still prefer to use Windows 10 (Windows 11)( -tin-rar-hoac-7-zip-theo-mac-dinh-185230525140919397.htm), currently only 23% of users choose to upgrade to the latest version of Windows operating system. However, in the video game market, things are very different. Accordingly, improvements and optimizations for gaming capabilities on Windows 11 are the driving force to push the game enthusiasts community to decide to update to this version. The ‘Hardware & Software Survey’ survey conducted by Valve every month has shown that gamers are tending to upgrade the operating system more. Specifically, nearly 34% of all Steam customers are currently running the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. According to the survey results, last May saw 96.14% of all Steam customers coming from Windows platforms (0.24% lower than the previous month). Of which 60.51% of players are active on Windows 10 (0.7 percent lower) and 33.99% are running Windows 11 (up 0.6 percent). Older operating systems are still there but only account for a very small market share, whereby, Windows 7 64-bit has 1.17% (decreased 0.11%), Windows 8.1 64-bit accounts for 0.29% (decreased by 0). 0.02%) and Windows 7 32-bit at 0.08%. Users who still use Windows 7 and Windows 8 should prepare for operating system upgrades as Valve is planning to kill Steam on older versions of Windows from January 1, 2024.



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