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The price of meme coin, fomo is sometimes mainly influenced by two psychological extremes in the market.. hysteria and panic

When the market is hysterical, the price can go much higher than the intrinsic value because the majority is willing to buy at the high price. As a result, prices skyrocketed, even to the point of utopia, madness.. When the market panics, the price will return to reality, even much lower than the real value due to the effect of a mass sell-off, causing the market to panic. The price dropped so quickly that many people couldn’t even turn their arms around and wait, So in a high-risk investment environment before being ready to accept favorable situations xx many times the account should be ready to lose psychology, divide the account many times in advance As well as to minimize losses as best as possible, or regret due to taking profits too early or too late, we should set up a goal, a plan to stop loss and Take profits before entering orders and seriously, discipline to follow the set plan (50% loss is better than all losses. 50% profit is better than no profit) Having a clear plan when entering an order is the key to confident when playing meme coin. The most important and hardest thing is the discipline to do it. Also note that avoid me playing “buy high and sell higher” this way is suitable for the fomo market but is full of risks, sooner or later there will be times when you buy it without seeing the bank ^ ^ Should be bought at a time when few people know it’s an advantage, this is a standard for each person. For me, when social channels talk about it too much, many people already know it. This is the personal opinion of a newbie to discuss, not a consultant, so if it’s wrong, you guys also support 1 Good health, good luck!

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