Thursday, December 7, 2023


If you buy a Crypto project at this time, put it on the scale to analyze whether it will last for a period of 1-2 years to enter the next uptrend cycle (many people think that so). For example, 3 coins that almost everyone knows: BTC, ETH, BNB are extremely sure I will not discuss anymore for many reasons for that. The rest, if in your portfolio is a certain token/Coin that is not in the above, consider it. Let’s DCA a project that you think has the potential to live, operate, develop or at least properly exist. Not a pump dump that pumps out profiteering tokens. Trend Meme has gradually cooled down, if you keep busy buying and selling, DCA and think that the project will pump you out, sooner or later you will eat up :))) At present, the Fed has increased interest rate is at 5.5% and I hope this is the peak. The coming time will be extremely difficult for cash flow to enter the market, and I predict that the third quarter of this year will be a good buying zone when the market bottoms out (possibly) A safer investment way is more secure. is to hug Fiat or stablecoin, wait for Uptrend’s signal and confirmation and then enter. It’s not too late, and the compensation is much more certain. A good project, good coin if you find out from in the downtrend, you will have a good position, xnxx into the uptrend. But if you can’t see the same type of project at a time of mix-and-match, chances are you’ll end up with a dead project. Most likely at this moment, it is alive, but in 1-2 years, who can be sure that it will not collapse. Let’s look at the NEO, EOS, etc., which were all top coins for a while, but are currently developing quite slowly and not meeting expectations. Be a wise investor with a cool head. One criterion that you can consider is projects that are still building silently and enthusiastically, projects that are still active on media channels such as twitter or discord. And choose the time when the token price has drifted to the seed or private mark to have an equivalent position with investment funds. Or the trend of choosing infrastructure projects such as Oracles (LINK) or data storage (FILECOIN)… etc. Good luck, a few words of my heart when I see that many of you are busy running these days. Follow the meme trend too, eating less but getting fake KOL is a lot. As for me, I have now cast out most of the stablecoins and wait. The crypto market is full of dirty shillings, so if you don’t have time to learn about technology and the upcoming general trends, it’s easy to eat cake and invest in short-term projects. I’m not good at anything, but now I see the potential of crypto, so I’ve been researching and investing for 3 years now. If you do not have much knowledge, you can follow large, reputable funds to invest and follow. If you have any questions, you can comment or inbox, I will support you when I have time. Have a nice day! #leetuan, #dtct

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