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The reasons why Apple entice fans even though it is expensive

**Apple is a brand known for its groundbreaking but expensive products. Despite this, they still have a huge fan base.** One of the most prominent parts of ( is their commitment to building Build an ecosystem of great functions using different devices. That started with devices like the iPod nano, at a time when it became the wish of many people thanks to the ability to carry songs with you wherever you go in a compact and sleek device. The iPod also gradually evolved to modern generations like the iPod touch, and Apple also used the iPod to create the attraction for the iPhone – a device that combined iPod, mobile phone and web-surfing computer. With an iPhone, users are really drawn to what it has to offer. Apple’s relationship with fans is beginning to mature. It becomes an inspiration for many people to mention in daily life. When the iPad appeared, it was also when a variety of Apple products were available in the market and continued to attract users to them. The company does not stand still, always refreshing devices every year, from Mac, AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch to launching HomePod. And the truth is, if anyone has experienced a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, it is definitely a powerful product to make everything in users’ lives easier. Not only has a diverse group of devices, what users experience about Apple products is also the seamlessness, connectivity and synchronization with each other, creating a device ecosystem that is rare for a public company. What technology can represent such experiences? Thanks to the strong ecosystem, Apple devices will not be easily outdated, but it will go hand in hand with other devices to connect users and experience more conveniently. With Apple’s current advantage, companies that want to do the same will have to try very hard to connect existing devices or develop more that the technology world has not thought of. That’s Apple, the company that has always provided users with everyday tools that help them perform actions in the easiest, fastest, and most comfortable way possible. If that’s not enough, Apple always makes things as beautiful as possible. It is the visual and design excellence that has always been present at Apple that helps the company gain strong support from fans.



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