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The reasons why Windows 11 is the best OS for gaming

# ** Reasons why Windows 11 is the best OS for gaming** **Although it’s only been around for over a year, Windows 11 is proving that it’s the best platform for your needs gaming.** According to TechUnwrapped, if your computer is compatible with Windows 11 but still haven’t decided to switch to this operating system platform, here are some reasons why users need to change now, especially for with gamers who need a best experience to play games. ## High compatibility 99% of the modern PC games hit the market are designed to run on Windows. If it’s Windows 11, all the better because people can take advantage of the new features Microsoft has introduced as well as features coming from Xbox. Meanwhile, finding games compatible with macOS or Linux is a very difficult task because the market share of these two operating systems for PCs is far behind Microsoft. ## Load games faster Windows 11 offers support for DirectStorage, a feature that previously appeared on Xbox Series S and X but has made its way to Microsoft’s PC ecosystem. This functionality is able to manage data requests in a faster and more efficient way, so load times are reduced – something that is especially useful in open world titles, where there is always a need to be available. map. This function works much more efficiently on NVMe SSDs, so if users use a storage device of this type, they will get a significant improvement in performance and reduced load times. ## Improve images with HDR Thanks to the Auto HDR function available in Windows 11 that is compatible with any DirectX 11 or later based content, this provides an amazing visual improvement because of the rendering made with multiple colors and levels of shading thanks to HDR. As a result, users can enjoy dramatic visual improvements in light-based video games. ## The mature operating system Windows 11 will celebrate its 2nd year on the market in the next few months – more than enough time to become a mature operating system for the gaming experience. All the errors that the early versions of Windows 11 made are gone. To prove this, a look at the data on Steam can see that the number of users using Windows 11 with this gaming platform has increased significantly in the past year.



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