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The secret behind the iPhone lock button you should know

# **The secret behind the iPhone lock button you should know** ## The lock button on the iPhone has an amazing hidden secret that you may have missed. On an iPhone with Face ID, you can triple-click the Lock button or the Side button to unlock special features. The same is true on iPhone Touch ID – but you’ll triple-click the Home button instead. After setting up an Accessibility Shortcut, you can triple-click it to perform certain functions. You can change functions at any time in the Settings app. ## **How ​​to use the iPhone Lock Button trick** First, go to Settings, tap Accessibility, then Accessibility Shortcuts. You will then choose one of the options from the shortcut list. There are many options, some more useful than others. Magnifier is extremely handy because it turns your iPhone into a magnifying glass to read small text. AssistiveTouch can add a virtual Home button to iPhone Face ID. Background sounds let you quickly put on some soothing music – including the sound of rain. This can be great at bedtime or when you need to focus. And the Control Nearby Devices button lets you control other Apple gadgets near you that you own. **That’s not all…** Want to turn off your iPhone? On an iPhone with Face ID, pressing and holding the Side button brings up Siri, not the off button. So, to turn off iPhone with physical buttons, you need to use another method. Instead, you need to simultaneously press and hold the Side button and either of the volume buttons. You can then drag the slider to turn it off.



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