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The story of 2 crocodiles – Enthusiasm in trading

For many people, busyness is one of the measures of success. However, the story of the two crocodiles below brings a completely different perspective: You will be more successful when… do nothing. It happened that, one day, an old crocodile was leisurely floating along the water, close to the riverbank. Suddenly, a younger alligator swam up to him and said, “Hey, I heard you’re the most notorious hunter in the area. So, can you show me how to hunt?”. Awakened by the sound of the little crocodile, the old crocodile opened his eyes and glanced at the one who had woken him up. However, the old crocodile did not say a word, but remained silent… continued to sleep. Angry and feeling disrespected, the young alligator stormed off to hunt, leaving turbid, bubbling water behind its tail. ‘Very well, I’ll show you,’ he thought to himself. A few hours later, he returned to find the old crocodile still sleeping. So he started bragging about his successful hunt: “Hey, look at these two stocky catfish I caught. So what did you catch? Oh, nothing? What do you think, it turns out that he is not very famous?” Eyes open and closed, the old crocodile looked again at the man who was cocking his head at him. Without saying a word, it closed its eyes and continued to float in the water, while the gorillas casually nibbled at the algae under its belly. Angry at not receiving any reply, the young crocodile swam again to find something else to hunt. After a few hours of discussion, it returned with a small stork in its mouth. Smirking, he approached the old crocodile, sure enough to prove to him who the real hunter was. Overjoyed, it swam quickly towards the old crocodile still in the same place. However, this time, there was a large antelope drinking water very close to the old crocodile. Fast as a cut, the old crocodile jumped out of the water, opened its mouth wide, grabbed the antelope’s neck, jerked it into the murky water and quickly ended the life of the ill-fated animal. Stunned, the stork fell from the mouth of the young crocodile, while it widened its eyes as the great hunter of the river enjoyed his meal of more than 200 kg. At this point, his voice trembled: “Grandpa…please…please show me how you do this”. Swallowing a piece of giant antelope meat, the old crocodile finally opened his mouth and replied succinctly: “I did nothing”. —————————————- New investors are like young crocodiles: Believing that you should always seek ongoing trading opportunities to achieve the goal of success. They often try to force themselves into a trade even though they know that the trade can be risky, but because of the mentality of making money quickly, they lose their mind and keep diving into the trade. Taking some time to relax and do nothing can be quite difficult, especially when you are constantly being “spoiled” for these companies, the other company is very good, if you don’t invest, you will lose your opportunity. opportunities, … and the result is often failure to find investors. Give your brain space to think by stepping outside of the busy daily grind. This way, new ideas will flash, and you will also have more time to process or improve on old ideas. And then, you will find that the results from this method are very similar to what the old crocodile did in the story above. Sometimes, it’s better to simply close your eyes and “leave yourself in the water”. Wait patiently, and your “antelope” will appear.

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