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The trend of wearing mini fans on people

# ** The trend of wearing mini fans on people** Seeing friends asking each other to buy a neck fan, Thao also ordered one to use when going out, but not as cool as expected. Thanh Thao (Vinh Phuc) knew about this fan after seeing it on social networks constantly advertising and being invited by friends to buy it together, even though she didn’t really need it. The fan costs nearly 90,000 VND, can be worn around the neck like a headset. When turned on, the airflow from the fan is dispersed through the slot on the fan body, blowing up the neck and head. “The electric fan can be turned on anywhere, no need to hold hands, so it’s convenient and not entangled,” Thao said. However, she admits to only using it when there is no other option. The weak wind makes the fan almost ineffective when going out in the sun. Having a hobby of going on a picnic, Dinh Hung and his group of friends also bought all kinds of neck fans, hat fans, table fans to use in places without electricity. He appreciates the convenience of the device when it comes to “hands-free” cooling, but the fan is only effective at first, then even inconvenient. “The fan mounted on the hat helps the wind blow directly to the face, can adjust the direction of the wind. At first, I liked them because they were unique, but when used it was quite noisy. When the fan broke, I had to remove the hat,” Hung said. In the past two months, a mini fan has become an item that many people are looking to buy online. According to (survey)( on June 3 on *VnExpress*, 36% of participants said they are using , nearly 20% are learning about mini fans. Google Trends statistics show that the keyword “neck fan” is searched the most from April and highest in May. On e-commerce platforms, there are some stalls selling tens of thousands of neck fans, fan hat, fan shirt. The general mechanism of the product is to use 1-2 small fans, with batteries and attach to wearable devices, helping users to cool in each area without holding hands. The product has a battery capacity of 2,000-3,000 mAh, for one to three hours of use and takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge. Neck-mounted mini fans are often sold from 60,000 to more than 100,000 VND, designed like headphones, or as a normal fan with a strap. Fan caps cost 100-150 thousand VND, cut out the cap to place the fan. Meanwhile, a fan attached shirt is from a few hundred thousand dong to more than a million dong. Besides convenience, these fan models also have many problems, such as weak wind, high noise level, low battery life and poor durability. “The wind can’t blow away a hair”, one person commented on the e-commerce booth of a neck fan priced at 60,000 VND. This is also the comment of many people after buying this fan, far from what is advertised. In addition, fans mounted on the head or neck are often rated as noisy, and the battery heats up quickly when used in the sun. According to Duc Tien, owner of a home appliance store in Cau Giay (Hanoi), mini electric fans have been available in Vietnam for a long time, but about a year ago, manufacturers created more wearable products. , helping users free their hands during use. This idea can come from high-end protective equipment or helmets, equipped with fans for cooling and ventilation. Most mini fans on the market originate from China and of lesser-known brands. “Due to the low price and light weight to wear, this fan uses a small battery, so the capacity is also small. Therefore, it is not expected that it will be both convenient and meet the needs of cooling,” Mr. Tien said. He also advises users to consider when using the product because the product is worn on the body, there is a potential risk if the finishing quality is poor. Users should choose portable mini fan models of some well-known brands, making it more secure to use and able to cool in any position, instead of fixed as the above-mentioned wearable fans.



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