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The truth about the crypto market no one tells you Part 2: Distinguishing investment, speculation and method DCA bear price and DCA price increase.

– First of all, to go into investment analysis and speculation, everyone must understand the essence of the crypto market is a bull market based on the belief and price control of sharks and whales, but not really. What application for practice. **first. What is an investment in the crypto market?** – An investment in the crypto market is an investment in terms of value in terms of trust, the trust of long-term development of BTC in the next few years or even 10-15 years Next up is an alternative to gold and a haven from inflation. For investors who tend to hold BTC for a long time no matter what price they buy, there is no concept of stop loss because they believe in the future development of BTC. Investors themselves tend to have a long-term investment plan and strategy, they are usually the ones who have the cash and time to be able to buy more BTC every time the price drops and often tend not to. so much affected by short-term price fluctuations that they only aim for the long-term for them, the lower the BTC market, the better the opportunity to buy good products at cheap prices. Some examples of investing in the crypto market are Michael Saylor formerly CEO and now president of MicroStrategy one of the largest technology companies in the US. He has bought BTC from 2014 to now and has not sold 1 dong with a total investment of about 4 billion USD. Or in Vietnam, there is a Thuan Capital who is also a person who follows the school of investing in BTC. **2. What is speculation in the crypto market?** **- **Most of us investors who participate in the crypto market want to make quick profits in the market, then it is essentially speculation so what is speculation. Speculation is simply like a trader doing business, but here is not trading in normal products but trading in sugar prices. + What is price line trading is simply that speculators always want to buy low, sell high or short sell SHORT down from top to bottom to eat short-term short-term price orders. + Speculators often have a high level of risk when predicting price analysis based on technical analysis, news, and market sentiment in the short and medium term. + Speculators usually have medium and small capital mainly want to increase their capital to earn faster profits by margin or futures. + Big profit comes with great risk that easily leads to account burn, so speculators need to use Stoploss to ensure capital. – Who are the speculators in this crypto market: + I bet most of us are retail investors. + Sharks are market makers, Market makers, crypto exchanges (a cuoc CZ here) + Whales are big funds, banks, governments. ===> People can see that the fry is a large number, but always lose money because of the manipulation of sharks and whales based on news and market psychology so want to make short-term profits In addition to technical analysis, it is always associated with psychological analysis of sharks to swim with new sharks to make a profit. – An example of a very famous speculator is Jesse livermoore or in Vietnam there is Ryan Nguyen. ** 3. DCA price decrease, price increase should use how. ** About the term DCA I will not explain anymore because there are too many mentions on the internet and here I will talk about the nature of the DCA price averaging strategy. – DCA price decreases when you determine you are a long-term investor you have money and time you believe the price of BTC will increase, the lower the price decreases, the more you can buy BTC cheaply and you hoard. There are 2 ways DCA price drops: + One is DCA price drops every day like a favorable capital still does even though you bought BTC peak price at 69k but every day you spend 10$ to buy now, you have made a profit + Two is DCA price falling at support and resistance areas like Michael Saylor’s way of making prices down will buy more and ignore the surrounding FUD. ==>If you are a speculator, don’t DCA falling prices only increase your risk with your account and capital. – DCA price increases following the trend the way Jewish speculators usually do. + All retail speculators themselves, when participating in the market, have an instinct that the lower the price, the more DCA, but when the price increases, they cannot collect profits because it is human instinct to be able to Loss and profit also need a process of learning and training. + In an uptrend like this 16k to 28k period, you can see waves with a higher high than the previous one and a higher bottom than the previous one, everyone, in part 3 I will talk about waves elliot and fibonanci. And this part is still about DCA price increase, if every day you spend $ 10 from the beginning of the year until now, you buy in BTC price, you make a profit somewhere about 30-40% then maybe more or some brothers catch the waves. as short as buying at 16k and then buying the 23k segment and then buying the 28k segment, expecting 32k to close, for example. DCA price increases help you reduce risk and increase assets extremely quickly. Thank you all for reading, if you guys support me on P3 then drop a like and comment.

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