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The truth about the ‘Flash AI’ call that took all the money from the bank account

## News about calls from strange numbers, appropriating money in bank accounts by artificial intelligence technology is not true. From the beginning of April, on social networks in Vietnam appeared information about strange numbers, displaying the name Flash AI, appropriating people’s property with high technology. However, according to cybersecurity experts, this is not true information. Many people take advantage of the community’s fear of being scammed to spread fake news, causing confusion. “This number calls, we just need to click accept and lose all money in the account because it uses artificial intelligence, capable of searching all secrets in the phone. AI focuses on finding in banking apps, getting passwords to transfer all our money to hackers’ accounts. Please warn your loved ones, wait for it to turn off the bell and then block the number,” PMTuan’s account posted on his personal Facebook page. TikTok is also another channel, causing news to spread quickly. @thuan***** channel has posted many short videos on this topic in recent days. In which, there are content with more than 500,000 views and 1,600 comments. “The ‘Flash AI’ is extremely dangerous, you can lose all that accumulated wealth in your life,” said the owner of the TikTok channel. Another version of this rumor is that if you dial the Flash AI subscriber number, all the money in your bank account will be taken. However, the person who uploaded and shared the above videos did not have specific evidence of losing money due to the call. Reply *Zing,* Mr. Ngo Minh Hieu (Hieu PC), a security expert from, said that the information about Flash AI that has been spread recently is not true. Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Technology Director of Vietnam National Cyber ​​Security Company (NCS), confirmed that no information has been received about high-tech solutions to infiltrate users’ mobile phones via the Internet. calls in Vietnam. “In fact, there are still forms of attacks via phone numbers, taking advantage of system vulnerabilities or chip security to install spyware. However, it will not be able to make calls over the cellular network. At the same time, that solution requires high and complex techniques to be able to successfully implement,” said Mr. Son. This person believes that information about Flash AI is spread as a joke, to interact on social networks. Based on the fear of being scammed online, this fake news was widely spread, causing many people to be deceived. Experts warn Internet users should have filters to verify information being spread, especially shares about scams. Accordingly, measures to prevent online fraud include not making money transfer requests through unverified links. It is necessary to verify the identity of relatives carefully before transferring money because of the risk of voice and video call spoofing. Users absolutely do not provide OTP to verify bank accounts when someone asks for it. Regarding the Flash AI number, Mr. Vu Ngoc Son said that this is a brand name (brand name) registered with the network operator. In addition, crooks can use BTS stations to forge business numbers. “However, BTS machines were discovered in Vietnam only to send messages, not to fake phone numbers,” said Mr. Son.



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