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The valuable upgrades of iOS 17

# ** Valuable upgrades of iOS 17** **Operating system **(iOS 17)( hinh-thong-minh-1196517.ldo)** was officially announced on the morning of June 6 at the Apple WWDC 2023 event. Apple has updated some important and useful features for this update. However, users will have to wait a few more months to experience the iOS 17 version on their own phones.** In this upgrade, important features such as search, focus or messages section Apple focuses on simplicity and usefulness. Regarding the Messages application, Apple has maximized the search filter to help users save time in related tasks. Share your location inline with the Subscription feature to help family and friends know where they are when they get home safely; If there is a problem with the migration process, the system will automatically send a message and share the location and battery status to the Subscription group. The new Search feature will be faster and more accurate, making it easier for users to find what they need. The new search will be more customizable, allowing users to prioritize the results that are most important to them. Another new feature in this upgrade is “posters” for the Contacts section. This feature allows users to use framed images during a call. After the user dials the contact that has set up “poster”, the “poster” will be displayed in full screen on the iPhone of the call recipient. iOS 17 will also bring important updates to CarPlay. The new CarPlay will integrate more deeply, allowing users to control many features directly from the car dashboard with many customizations, prioritizing important and safety features during travel. The sharing of resources between Apple devices with AirDrop protocol is added with new features such as Namedrop that allows users to exchange phone numbers easily. Content sharing is simplified between devices by moving phones close together. iOS 17 will be updated with models from iPhone 8 and up.



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