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The world’s most ‘fragile’ passwords, should not be used

## **In less than a second, a hacker can figure out 1 of the 10 most popular passwords in the world and log into the victim’s Internet account.** According to the list of the most common passwords On the Internet today published by security company NordPass, up to 83% of the 20 security codes on this list can be found in less than a second. This list was compiled in partnership with NordPass and independent security experts specializing in cybersecurity research, building on data volumes up to 3 TB and spanning 30 countries globally. including the US. In the world’s leading country in technology, the most popular password is “guest” and more than 127,000 people use this word as a “backstop” to protect their online accounts. Anyway, this is still the most difficult password to guess in the Top 10 list when the code detection system takes nearly 10 seconds to find the answer. Meanwhile, the remaining 9 passwords of the common type are extremely “fragile” and all broken in less than a second. Thus, in addition to “guest”, users should not use one of the 9 mentioned passwords including 1234, 12345, 123456, 12345678, 123456789, password, Password1, acb123, a1b2c3… These are all very string of characters. Easy to guess, simple and even without tools, a normal user also tends to try typing the above passwords on the first attempts when logging in to a strange account. To enhance the ability to protect accounts and online information, experts recommend that users set long and complex passwords. A “standard” password for security and information security usually contains at least 12 characters, with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters (arranged in a certain sense or randomly). ), do not use the same password for many different accounts, regularly check and soon handle the accounts that are no longer in use to avoid the risk of being compromised. Users are also advised to use password management software to store and create complex character strings that increase the difficulty in the context of more sophisticated key code detection tools, even applications. use both (artificial intelligence)( (AI) to attack accounts.



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