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Things about iPhone Fold that make fans excited

## Although no official announcement has been made, iFan still pays great attention to Apple’s iPhone Fold. When launched, (iPhone)( folding screen of Apple is expected to attract a significant number of users. The results of a recent survey show that 39% of users who intend to buy a folding smartphone will consider an Apple-made device. According to rumors, Apple’s folding screen “iPhone Fold” will appear in 2025. When it is sold, “Apple Defect” already has a number of potential customers waiting to buy. In a US survey conducted by Counterpoint, about 28% of current smartphone users will buy a foldable smartphone in their next purchase. Of which, 39% of people surveyed would choose an Apple device. On the other hand, 46% will choose folding screen smartphone of (Samsung)(, third place belongs to Motorola with 6%. At the same time, the survey also shows user loyalty to the foldable smartphone brand. In which, 92% of Samsung users planned to stick with the Korean brand when buying a foldable smartphone. Besides, the iPhone Fold will also be bought by more affluent users. About 41% of respondents with a monthly income of 10,000 USD (equivalent to 234 million VND) or more will buy a phone with a folding screen for their next purchase. As for the design of the smartphone, 49% of customers prefer the clamshell folding (same as the Galaxy Z Flip 4); 35% prefer a book-style foldable smartphone (like the Galaxy Z Fold 4). More than half of the men surveyed prefer clamshell folding smartphones and 47% of women also like this style. Book-style foldable smartphones are preferred by 40% of women and 30% of men. Counterpoint’s vice president of North American research, Hanish Bhatia, said: “Foldable smartphones have performed quite well. However, these devices are unlikely to become the dominant form factor in the US any time soon. Foldable screen designs will continue to coexist with traditional flat screen designs for many years to come.” In addition to the expected launch time in 2025, current rumors about the iPhone Fold say that the product will have a flexible OLED screen, use a complex hinge, and will use USB-C and MagSafe ports to charging.

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