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> Hello everyone, the crypto market is constantly evolving and if we don’t follow the market closely, we will miss a delicious opportunity that we will most likely miss a position swap. If you’ve missed the memecoin or BRC-20 cash flow, here’s what to do daily to keep abreast of the market and keep up with the cash flow. **1, Information -Information about the crypto market **Usually, to read information about the crypto market, people should read it at 3 main websites, which are Coindesk, Cointelegraph and The Block, however if you yourself Reading the information here will be very time consuming, so I won’t be able to focus on the areas/projects that interest me. ⇒ Cryptopanic tool specializes in aggregating news and articles from the above websites, it will summarize the title and mention the projects affected by that article/information. Cryptopanic also provides more social indicators, news that is bullish, bearish about a certain coin, .. or I want to actively search for information related to a project such as articles, tweets of Influential people just need to type the name of that project and it will sum it all up. In addition to Cryptopanic, I also use Defillama Rollup again for those who do not have time and want to quickly update information, but not as complete and proactive as Cryptpanic. source check information (Cryptopanic)( (Defillama Rollup)( -** Macroeconomic information **Recommend pay more attention to macroeconomic news because now macro news it has much impact on this market. Macro indicators of interest are the CPI and interest rates of the United States. Information check source: (Vnwallstreet)(, (Investing)( Should observe the whole day of the week to avoid being caught Active when the news comes out, the important news is that 3 stars or more. **2, Call for Capital **Next I need to check which projects are called for more capital and I will divide them into 2 types: -With a new project that has not yet called for more capital, I will know the investment trend What areas of funds should I invest in or monitor closely so I can do an airdrop -With an old project that already has a token and calls for more capital, I can look for investment opportunities like this post: (TIPs Hunting Gems Theo Project Fundraising Round)( source check information : (Cryptofundraising)( (Rootdata) ( **3, Cash Flow **I read the previous post, I tracked the cash flow with Defillama, it’s correct but it’s not enough so I’ll add more. Previously, if we considered the cash flow in the ecosystem of a platform coin it developed, it would move back and forth between those platform coins like it would usually be ETH⇒ BNB⇒ SOL⇒AVAX, for example. ,.. it is very easy for me to follow cash flow by monitoring Total Value Locked index but in recent times sometimes the money flow in the market is not easy to follow anymore, for example, current cash flow If it flows through Memecoin, BRC-20, it can’t be tracked by Defillama because it doesn’t have its own category and it doesn’t reflect through the Defi market or the NFT Market Play array, it’s more on CEX than Defi⇒ it’s harder to follow ⇒ To follow it requires a good background knowledge + a combination of tools like Defillama in addition to knowing the exact cash flow, it is quite difficult for retail investors because most tools only list the top tier while there are many other areas. no, like memecoin, trending socialfi,, ⇒ The best way to capture where the money is going is to understand what the market is doing? the Defi Stack of the market + a combination of tools like Defillama and I have to practice being sensitive to cash flow. For example: now I can see that the MEXC floor is quite sensitive to cash flow, because recently it has a whole new list of people with cash flow like ATOR, ORDI trend BRC20, trend meme like PEPE, AIDOGE, the floor hey it’s the first list, you can notice that if it lists many children of the same system + combines the above analysis, it is likely that it has cash flow This is an experience, a lot of practice is new sensitive and recognisable. There is a pretty good article on how to be sensitive to cash flow: **(How to be sensitive to trends/narratives and cash flow.)( **Everyone read again about how to use Defillama** : (Tips to swim with money flow and how to speculate with smart money wallet)( ** **4, Check Sharks **One of the important things to keep a close eye on the money flow and the market is to see what the Investment Funds, Market Makers are doing because they are very sensitive to the cash flow , they have highly specialized, expensive tools to monitor the market without us knowing what they have. A relative way is that we can check onchain and analyze their behavior. In addition, if you have a need to update the situation of altcoins without good tools, you can follow The Datafi Vietnam and The Data Nerd **Everyone read the article again: (Speculation TIP FOLLOWING SMART CURRENCY)( **to find shark wallets, big funds. For those of you who are not too specialized in onchain, we need to check it is the deposit/withdrawal behavior of their stablecoins, their stablecoin balances, because sharp fluctuations in funds will be sniffed first and cashout will be cleared into stablecoins and vice versa. On the other hand, if mutual funds tend to deposit stablecoins on the altcoin exchange, it is likely to be a bullish wave. **5,Check alpha Insight **Alpha Insight is useful information from KOLs, CTs because it is a 3rd party thinking about a certain problem, they have a way of playing, reasoning and analyzing the problem. very good that other parties do not share. Everyone should create a List to categorize KOLs, CTs so that when surfing Twitter, there is no information clutter. Or create a list that is trending about BRC-20, then I only let KOLs who talk a lot about it + quality to the list. If you want to create a list, please re-read this article: (TIPS USING TWITTER FOR SELF-HUNTING & GUIDELINES FOR CHECKING PROJECTS WILL BE INVESTMENT IN BEAR SUMMER OR NOT?)( 479301014350282/) **6, Check chart and others -Check chart of BTC** For traders sclaping in small waves, of course, checking chart is a must and for long-term investors or investors Mid-term swing like me too. I check the chart every day to update the direction of the market, because where the price line goes, I observe the volume, the RSI goes there. About learning technical engineering, I am currently studying at the channel (Crypto) ( (powered by HC Capital) so I should learn technical development at this channel if everyone follows the first mindset. boss Ryan’s private. and channel (Lynk Lee)( everyone can refer. **-Check the sudden volume of the exchanges and check Top gainer 24h and top loser 24h **To check this, I use Cryptometer, you go to Exchanges, select the exchange you want to check and then customize the filter as required bridge. It is necessary to check the sudden volume to know which stock is hot, check the top gainer/top loser to see which is increasing strongly and which is decreasing sharply to find investment opportunities. ** *Some notes and tips:*** * It’s important to have information, what do you do to make money with it? Was that information really helpful to me? Avoid hugging or receiving too much information because there is a lot of useless information that doesn’t need to be loaded, it’s very confusing not to mention FUD news released by pigs and birds * It is better to understand 1 information than to understand more information if you don’t make money, for example, if you specialize in airdrops, you should be interested in information about airdrop tips that will account for the majority * Should create a Sheet to manage information search engines, because there will be information The information we are looking for will be on the other site but this site does not. * Depending on your forte, investment trends, you should spend time and information, knowledge about that area, not embrace too many areas, ” one job for nine is better than nine jobs” * As I mentioned above, use Twitter’s List tool to group information. * If possible, you should form a team to support each other, because each person will have their own strengths, one person specializes in trading, one person specializes in onchain, one person specializes in airdrop, .. put together together will be extremely effective

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