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Hi everyone, have you all finished your holiday? Let’s go back to the market. The situation is that there is only 1 year left until the BTC Halving and if it is as historical as the previous cycles, we only have that much time left to learn and improve our knowledge. If people are hesitant to actively “upgrade” themselves, everyone will not know what to do when uptrend. Here is how I learn and think when absorbing knowledge from this market. **I, AGAIN KNOWLEDGE ** Knowledge in this market is overwhelming and it keeps increasing day by day but everyone should remember our **PURPOSE** when entering this market is to **make money** so people don’t need to learn all the knowledge in this market, in addition, core knowledge only accounts for about 20% and it determines all the rest. Going back to the past years before 2015-2019, public knowledge was still small, but now the knowledge is professionally transmitted by community funds such as HC Capital, Coin98, Coin68, ..However Although at the present time, although the knowledge has been streamlined, many brothers and sisters in this group still find it difficult to start learning and understanding knowledge. **1, Read as much as possible, listen as much as possible. **Try to read and learn as much about crypto-related things as you can, at first it can be difficult to read but when enough it becomes active. So try not to get discouraged at this stage. Read analytical articles of community funds on project analysis, trend reports. When reading other people’s articles, there is always critical thinking with analytical articles, why is that?, why is that? Try to verify the information given in the analysis.. If possible, read the reports of Messario, The Block Research, Coinbase.. because this will provide us with opinions, projections, Do an overview/detail analysis, provide data, on the crypto market situation and try to highlight the main points in it. Most of these reports are written in English, so if you want to fully absorb the knowledge from the report, learn English. In addition, learning English will also give people a better chance when they want to work in the crypto industry. People can also listen to more postcards about their crypto, before sleeping or listening to Coin68’s Defi Discussion and trying to listen to more foreign channels’ postcards while learning English. **2, Improve knowledge and information gathering skills **Information analysis and processing skills are the ability to analyze, evaluate, and use information to draw accurate and effective conclusions. When you first read an analysis, new information about crypto, how do you react to that information? Where to find that relevant information? For example, when meeting information about project A calling for capital, what website should I find the remaining information on, and what tools should I use? Do not use only one source and should refer to multiple sources of information to get the most objective results. Once you have all the information, arrange it like this so that you can reuse it later and try to present it in a logical way that is easy to see. *** *3, Practice the skills of filtering and processing information** This is a skill I consider quite difficult to cultivate, after having information, then distilling that information knows complicated things simple to make it easy for others to read. First, when reading a report or analysis, people need to determine what important information to pay attention to, then link it with relevant knowledge previously learned, and then draw conclusions. the main idea of ​​the analysis, what do they want to convey? For example, if you encounter the keyword “LSD”, find out what it is, what events, affect this market, how it is, what projects will benefit from it, ..*** *4, Try to motivate yourself **For me the best way to motivate is to earn money from crypto, then I will be very happy or the shared articles posted on the group are well received by many people Reading like, sharing will help me have more motivation to write (if you read it, please like, thank you!!) or I look at the success of someone like boss Ryan, for example, that’s it. is a great source of motivation for me to keep learning and trying.** 5, Connecting with other people in the same industry. **Making friends with others in the industry helps people learn from their experience and knowledge. From that relationship will help us a lot because from those relationships can expand the network to connect more good people, from which they can help introduce to big influencers. industry and have the opportunity to approach new projects and jobs. Gradually, people will create for themselves prestige and reputation in the field, gain recognition and appreciation for their contributions, from which job opportunities will be better. If you study alone in the profession, it will not help people to go far. Myself, thanks to recap livestream and trying to get to know better researchers, I got my sister who introduced me to my first job in crypto since changing industry.** 6, Knowledge Sharing **One of the best ways to learn is to teach others even if you don’t know too much. When imparting knowledge to others, the knowledge that we have just learned will apply to specific cases. People don’t have to be too good to do this. In addition, explaining to others will help us to increase our ability to communicate information, to process information more clearly and understandably in order to forge information processing skills, an important skill that I presented above. **II, CONCLUSION** Last time I posted a video of my boss Ryan about that fundraising tip, a lot of friends asked me how to check which projects called for more capital, I was quite surprised, surprised because This knowledge has had a lot of previous tutorials by other students because these guys refused to learn. Although the same content, of course, boss Ryan’s words carry much more weight, but please read the article and actively apply the knowledge of the articles in the group, don’t be like a tip or a tip. I didn’t listen to what my boss Ryan said, not worth applying. If you still have the same attitude and way of thinking, then next season you will continue to live in liquidity. In addition, everyone should remember all the methods that come after the attitude and thinking. If everyone is still lazy, the next season will still be there, still being “trimmed” as usual and then going online to curse CZ, blaming the guy. this guy that. In addition, I know that everyone has different qualities, some are fast, some are slow, but try to find knowledge in a methodical way and do not understand it half-heartedly. Like a house, dig a deep foundation so that you can build it firmly. About the route and what should be learned, please read again (series for newbies)( (read some of your articles Clouds) That’s small) Good luck to everyone. ————————————————— — *** This is a link to summarize my own good articles, tools I often use or tips from foreign Twitter KOLs, I will translate and update here: *** (Knowledge Tips) Crypto)(

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