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This is a phone that is considered a “worthy competitor” of both iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23, but very few people know about it!

## Many people often talk about the iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23 as the ultimate devices in the phone world. That’s because they haven’t heard of the phone that Google makes. ## **Google Pixel – The real iPhone killer** In the world of mobile phones, the public often talks about the rivalry between Apple and Samsung, more specifically the confrontation between the two companies’ flagship devices : iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23. When it comes to the best phone and a worthy choice, users will probably only choose one of these two brands, depending on which ecosystem they prefer to use: iOS or Android. However, there is another quiet phone company that can match the two heavyweights mentioned above but seems to be underappreciated. That is (Pixel phone)( of Google. After years of developing the smartphone business, Google has made remarkable achievements, some features on Pixel phones are even more appreciated than iPhone. The problem with Pixel is that it is not widely promoted nor sold in the global market. If you’re tired of the limited options in the Android world or the exclusivity of the iPhone, Google’s Pixel phone is a worthy choice. Pixel phones were once criticized for being terrible value-for-money, but since the Pixel 6, Google has completely overhauled its pricing strategy. Accordingly, the basic Pixel flagship line now starts at $599 (about VND 14 million) while the iPhone still starts at $799 (approximately VND 19 million). Even if you want a mid-range phone, the Pixel A series beats the iPhone SE series in terms of value. Google’s phone has more balanced specs and features while the other side has an outdated design, poor battery life, and no super wide-angle camera. That said, if you’re already tied to the Apple ecosystem and can’t afford to miss services like iMessage, iCloud, Apple TV, etc., then choose to buy an iPhone. Another big reason to buy an iPhone over a Pixel phone is that iPhones hold up very well, so you can sell or trade-in your old iPhone later.**Compare Pixel phones with iPhones** Analysts appreciate Google’s product for its excellent photography capabilities. The latest Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are no exception. Photos from the Pixel generally have better dynamic range, more color, and more accurate skin tones than iPhones. Pixel has many useful and fun camera software features like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, Motion Mode, etc. The iPhone will give you extra peace of mind that your photos and videos will always look good enough, no matter what the environment. But if you want a powerful camera system and honest photos, choose Pixel instead. Since Google controls Android, Pixel phones offer the best experience with what Android has to offer. Unsurprisingly, Google apps and services like Search, Gmail, Photos, Maps, Drive, etc. work extremely well on Pixel phones, even much better than other Android devices. . Pixel phones are also the first to receive the latest Android update, which has been around for a long time compared to the competition. However, one of the inherent disadvantages of Android phones is battery life. The iPhone still beats the Pixel phone despite having a physically smaller battery. This comes from the highly optimized Apple processor and iOS operating system; The harmony of the two keeps energy usage to a minimum. If you buy a large iPhone such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can expect significantly better battery life than the Pixel. But the difference is not much when comparing the smaller iPhone 14 Pro and the Pixel 7 Pro. Android brands almost always have faster charging speeds than iPhones, but the Pixel is a sad exception. Both the iPhone and the Pixel phones have the same wired charging speeds, although the Pixel has slightly faster wireless charging. In contrast, the iPhone still uses the super outdated Lightning port compared to the USB-C port on the Pixel. The Lightning port is very slow at both file transfer and charging speeds by modern standards. The decision to buy an iPhone or a Google Pixel will depend on the needs of each person. Users should choose Pixel if they want to save money, lots of camera features, best Google services, fast Android updates and smart voice assistants. Google’s Pixel phones are being sold in Vietnam as portable goods with prices not much different from international prices.



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