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This is an extremely long battery phone, priced at less than 7 million

**According to experts, this mid-range smartphone model of “home” OnePlus is a valuable suggestion.** Currently, the price segment below 7 million is considered a mid-range in the smartphone market. At this price range, users can find good phones but still save budget. However, there are quite a few phones that meet the criteria: both cheap and easy to use. The OnePlus Nord N30 doesn’t have all the premium features, but it does have some pretty impressive capabilities in its price range. Products are being sold in Vietnam for less than 7 million VND, highly appreciated by technology experts. **Why is the OnePlus Nord N30 worth buying?** The standout feature of the OnePlus Nord N30 is its battery life (from a 5,000mAh battery). Tested from Tom’s Guide – surfing the web continuously over the mobile network until the battery runs out, the phone can last up to 12.5 hours. Meanwhile, an average smartphone only lasts about 10 hours. This is quite an impressive result, making the OnePlus Nord N30 the mid-range phone with the most “buffalo” battery today. What makes the machine so impressive is that the above result comes with a 120Hz adaptive screen refresh rate. This refresh rate makes the screen scroll smoother and the graphics more vivid, but also drains the phone battery faster. Obviously, in the case of the OnePlus Nord N30, this is not a concern for battery life. That’s not to mention there are quite a few phones under 7 million with 120Hz screens. This is a feature available on many smartphones over 9 million. By owning OnePlus Nord N30, customers will save quite a bit. And yet, OnePlus phones also offer a spacious 6.72-inch screen, allowing for more comfortable gaming and watching videos. In addition, the device also has stereo speakers on the top and bottom edges. They are placed in a suitable position, not covered when the user holds it with 2 hands. In other words, at the price range of less than 7 million, users can hardly find a phone with a “buffalo” battery, a larger screen and a better sound than the OnePlus Nord N30. **Cons of OnePlus Nord N30** First, OnePlus phones are only integrated with Snapdragon 695 5G chip. This chip has average performance, enough to get the job done for most tasks but difficult to “smoothly” play heavy games. In addition, the design of the OnePlus Nord N30 is not too prominent, but it is also beautiful with a glossy back. When dropped 3 feet (about 0.91m) to a hardwood floor, the phone survived and didn’t need a case for protection. In addition, if you choose the OnePlus Nord N30, users will have to accept that the device only supports short-term software – an Android operating system update. Since the phone runs Android 13, the upcoming Android 14 version will be the device’s only software update. In terms of photography, the device has a 108MP main camera but doesn’t have an ultra-wide lens like other low-cost phones. And although the main camera of the OnePlus Nord N30 takes decent photos, it still lacks stabilization. **Oneplus Nord N30 Outlook** The OnePlus Nord N30 won’t be for everyone. If you want a more powerful processor or a more stable camera, users should choose a product with a higher price. However, if you just want to own a “buffalo” battery phone model, meeting the needs of simple photography, decent performance and an affordable price, the OnePlus Nord N30 is a worthy choice.



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