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Thoughts on Tracking Shark Gom- Commune Hang.

The most brain-damaging subject is Tracking Shark Wallet. Divided into the following cases: (1) The fish gradually withdraws the token amount to the wallet. -> Fish are collecting goods. (2) Fish gradually loaded tokens on the exchange. (a) The price of fish loaded into the commune immediately collapsed. (b) Fish loaded up and pushed the price up to create new liquidity in the commune. (c) Fish are loaded onto the floor and then withdrawn to distract people. (3) The amount of tokens in the fish wallet decreases gradually. (a) Fish is gradually taking profits. (b) The fish is stockpiling on the Cex exchange, but it is still holding and not taking profits. It’s just that onchain only checks on dex but doesn’t see it holding goods on cex. => Onchain’s weakness is that it can only track fish activity in Dex, but when it loads to Cex, it holds or pays to check lun. At that time it takes the power of Technical Analysis to look at the Volume. Just bit it pushed the commune or it immediately communed or it held no commune. Conclusion: In order to track big hands or collect goods, a combination of Onchain (check on Dex) and PTKT Wykoff (check on Cex) is needed.

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