Friday, September 29, 2023


Altcoins – Currently 90% of Altcoin projects have found a new bottom compared to December 2022 when BTC is 15k and before BTC’s uptrend or Halving takes place in March 2024, buying altcoins will be very risky – There are usually 1 -2 wave of altcoin seasons, not many so need to choose the right project and the right time, avoid DCA, buy old altcoins, review the past years: – 2019: Altcoin growth until June 2019 ⇒ then downtrend down 70% – 2020: Altcoin wave 1 increases in the summer of 2020 from July to September ⇒ then drops 70-90% until December ⇒ the end of December will begin to have a new altcoin wave – 2021: Altcoins grow strongly for the 1st time from January to April 2021 then fell 90% to July until early September ⇒ then there was a altcoin ss October and November 2021 – 2022: Altcoins recovered according to BTC early March, April, 2022, then fell 80-90 %, bottomed until July, then rallied thanks to The Merge of **ETH** – 2023: Altcoin had a strong growth in January, February, then lasted until April when ETH delayed upgrading ShangHai ⇒ and down from the top of the month until now 70% ⇒ find a new bottom ⇒ ***According to the cyclicality of altcoins, depending on ETH’s upgrade roadmap, there is a strong growth, and there are only 2 really clear waves each year, the current time is still quite risky, usually from July to August every year altcoins will have a retracement ⇒ It may be time to choose projects to invest*** ETH ANALYSIS Let’s take a look at the history of the past. ETH⇒ upgrade could lead to altcoin rallies in the previous 1-2 months. – Berlin Upgrade 4/2021 => Atl pump 2-4/2021 – London Upgrade 8/2021 => Alt pump 7-8/2021 – POS 9/2022 => Altcoin pump 7-9/2022 – ShangHai Upgrade 4/2023 (previously scheduled for 2/2023) => altcoin pump 1-4/2023 ⇒ The next upgrade is Dencun is expected to take place in Q4/2023, or early 2024 at the latest. (usually early 2024). ETH will be delayed until Q1.2024 coincides with the BTC Halving March 2024⇒ before 1-2 months there will be an altcoin season)** ***The current suitable strategy is to buy ACCUMULATE ETH around 1000, 1300, 1500 ⇒ After that invest heavily in altcoins*** Prudent investors should allocate 50% of their capital to BTC, ETH, avoid buying bottomless altcoins, devs are no longer active, no growth momentum. in the future will be replaced by new projects ⇒ In the uptrend of the new season, you can convert capital from BTC, ETH to Altcoin ⇒ at that time it will be safe, low risk, but higher return Good luck to ordinary investors security and profit Source: Report CPC Capital

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