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Tip to help battery life, play games smoothly on phones

# ** Tips to help battery life, play games smoothly on the phone** ## After hours of studying and working stress, relaxing with mobile games is a habit of many people. But the fun will be interrupted if the device quickly runs out of battery or occurs continuously. Pocket tips to help keep battery life running smoothly so that your mobile games are always smooth.7 tips to be ready to fight every game on your phone **7 tips to be ready to fight every game on your phone** Reduce screen timeout The default timeout on Android phones is usually 30 seconds. The longer the standby time, the more power the phone will consume. To save battery power, you can set a screen timeout of 15 seconds. The habit of setting a standby time of up to a few minutes, even turning off for a long time can cause the device to drain the battery faster. Turn off battery-draining apps Apps running in the background can drain power significantly and hinder battery life during your gameplay. You can disable unnecessary applications. Close background applications Before entering the game, you should turn off all background application tabs. These tabs can cause the device to heat up faster, drain the battery, and lead to stuttering during gameplay. It is best that after using it, you should make yourself a habit of turning off all background application tabs. Increase the screen refresh rate If you want to increase the smoothness of the games you are playing, you can increase the screen scan before each time you enter the game. Currently, there are many Android phones with screens with large refresh rates from 90-144 Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image refresh rate. Thereby making the operation on the screen become smoother. How to increase game speed on Android phones is done as follows: Go to Settings > select Display > select Motion smoothness > select the highest refresh rate for your phone screen. Delete junk files When storing more and more data on the phone, the more garbage is generated and greatly affects the processing speed of the device. You should delete these junk files by going to Settings > select Device and battery care > select Storage and delete unnecessary things to significantly improve memory and operation speed on the device. Optimizing the sound when playing the game Sound in the game brings interesting experiences to players. Especially with sound simulation games, listening helps users accurately determine the opponent’s position. To be able to optimize the sound when playing games, go to Settings> select> Sound and vibration> select Effects and sound quality> turn on the feature “Dolby Atmos for games”. This feature only applies to Samsung phones. Choose a phone with a huge battery capacity If you are a fan of mobile gaming, choosing smartphones with huge battery capacity is essential. All the tips suggested above only partially improve the power of the phone. Compared to choosing a phone with a large battery capacity to be ready for all heavy tasks, gamers can safely participate in matches without worrying about the battery draining quickly. At the same time, it also significantly improves the situation of hot machine, jerky lag during play. If you are looking for a phone line mainly for gaming, you should consider many factors such as: – The device configuration must be stronger than the games you want to download. – Expenses must be affordable. – The reputation of the place of purchase to ensure that you do not buy fake goods.



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