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Tips before buying a used iPhone

# **Tips before buying a used iPhone** **Buying a used iPhone can create a lot of doubts, so this article will give you some important notes. Consumers.** Buying a used iPhone, users can question its original condition, regardless of whether the device is provided with a limited warranty or return support. It is essential to get some tips before buying a used iPhone. ## **Avoid untrusted sellers** There are several aspects that users must take into account when purchasing a second-hand device. First of all, they have to choose a good mobile store. It could be a large chain store that has a used machine program, or from a trusted friend, or even from Apple if the opportunity arises. When buying, remember that the machine must be certified for as long as possible. In some stores, users also have a choice of different prices for a model depending on its condition and specifications. Before choosing which device you like the most or want to buy the most, users should also know the initial value of the product, that is, the starting price that Apple applies to that iPhone. If this product has been removed from the Apple Store, users can search for it on the internet, or even view it on the reseller’s website. ## **Check features and specifications** Once the product group of interest has been identified, the user must view the product description, image and battery status. Users must ask these questions to either the seller or the support staff on the third-party website. In this way, users can ensure that the iPhone will not have any damage and avoid scams. Users can also ask if the device had been repaired or replaced by the facility at the time they were purchased from the previous owner. If so, the device has a receipt for repair as this will help the user find out if the device has been through official Apple support or someone else’s. As a note, two of the most repaired components are the battery and the screen, so users have to make sure that the battery is at least above 80%, because otherwise they will face battery status. degraded. Users also have a similar situation with screens, where they have to check if there are any dead pixels, or if Face ID is affected. Those are all important components of the iPhone. ## **Final work** Before starting to spend money to buy back a device, users need to verify that the device has been factory reset to avoid the presence of iCloud account or files. information from previous users. Because it is impossible to know how many months the machine has been off, it is recommended to review all operating procedures of the device such as Safari browsing, downloading third-party applications, battery life, connecting peripheral devices, …. This way, users can verify that the device is working correctly and avoid serious problems caused by not testing the device correctly. Remember that all used products have a warranty period from the seller (refurbished iPhones from Apple alone are covered by the company’s 1-year warranty), so in the event of a device problem, the user may take it in for repair or replace with another device with similar characteristics.



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