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Tips for Binance lauchpad for newbies.

I see a lot of newbies asking me about binance lauchpad so I will write an article explaining to you how to play and how to not eat much but not lose much. Step 1: Calculation time for holding BNB In this step, everyone needs to calculate the Participation Limit. Usually most people here Participation Limit will be determined by our average BNB balance over a certain period of time, usually 7 days (this will be specified in how to participate). Note that you cannot staking or do anything else with your BNB during this time. Step 2: Subscription Period – Pledge BNB Once the Participation Limit has been determined, we will be able to pledge and lock any amount of BNB (no more than the Participation Limit) to receive Launchpad tokens. Step 3: Binance will calculate the number of Tokens to allocate After the BNB commitment period expires, Binance will calculate the number of tokens each user has obtained in about 1 hour. Step 4: Allocate LaunchPad Tokens and Return Balance BNB Once each user’s tokens are determined, a portion of our locked BNB will be deducted for Launchpad tokens. Both BNB and Launchpad tokens will be automatically transferred to the spot wallet. Game Tips: We all know that if buying BNB and storing it when participating in Binance Launchpad, there will be a risk that if BNB decreases, the amount of BNB participating in the launchpad will lose, so how to solve that problem?, Now we will use a strategy called “Delta Neutral Strategy” Example: Suppose BNB price is currently 300 USD, you buy 20 BNB (6,000 USD) but if BNB falls to 290 USD, we will We will lose 200 USD, then we will handle it as follows. Join Binance Launchpad. At the same time, you open a Short order (or borrow short sell margin) 20 BNB (price 300USD) deposit 6,000 USD (should not use leverage) on Binance, you will remove all your staking on DEX to deploy. this bet

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