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Tips for setting up “catch” iPhone to take pictures with just 1 sentence?

# **How to set up iPhone to take a photo with just 1 sentence?** **Vibration caused by pressing buttons on iPhone can affect photo quality.** Probably many of us tried to use Siri virtual assistant to take pictures. However, after we say the voice command “Siri, take a photo” (Siri, take a photo) or something similar – nothing happens on the iPhone. Do we still have to accept pressing buttons on the iPhone to take pictures? The answer is no – there is a way to make Siri “submit” to our voice commands and here’s how to set it up: + You launch the Shortcuts/Shortcuts > Gallery/Gallery app to explore all of them. All shortcuts are available. + Look for the Say Cheese shortcut and then tap it. + Tap Add Shortcut/Add Shortcut to integrate it into your Siri commands. + To personalize this shortcut, such as changing the camera or customizing the phrase, tap the ellipsis to make these changes. At this step, all you need to do is say “Hey Siri, say cheese” and let Apple’s virtual assistant take a snapshot for you. You should also note that on first use, the shortcut will ask for permission to save the photo to the iPhone’s gallery. Please grant this permission so that snapshots are automatically saved in the future.



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