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Recently with the big airdrop payout like Aptos, Blur and most recently Arbitrum, the topic of airdrop is getting more and more attention. There are many people after missing the above airdrops, so now they are just starting to learn and wonder which projects should airdrop and how to increase the airdrop winning rate? However, there are many projects in the market that have the ability to airdrop, but our resources are limited and we cannot participate in them all. So how do you find high-quality airdrop projects? In this article, I would like to share with everyone how to choose the right project, do it the right way to have a chance to receive as many tokens as possible. **I. WHAT NEED TO PREPARE FOR AIRDROP?** Here’s the baggage that everyone needs to prepare: * Equip with basic crypto knowledge, have a crypto wallet like metamask, know how to trade on DEX exchanges , know swap operations, cross-chain operations… * Have full social network accounts: Twitter, Discord, Telegram…, and know how to use these social networks fluently. * Prepare a small amount of capital, because some projects will require you to spend a little money when making airdrops, for example to cover gas fees… * Know about some tools and platforms that support airdrop hunting like : Layer3, Galxe, Crew3, Quest3, Gitcoin, Snapshot… Professional airdrop hunters will all know and master these platforms. * If it is in the form of Testnet, then you also need the coin of the Testnet network. Also, learn and learn about Faucet, Goerli testnet… to earn free tokens to participate in project experience. Websites offering Airdrops: * ( * ( * ( * ( /) Twitter channels often update information about Airdrop: * ( * ( :// * ( * ( .com/HCGemAlerts) * ( * ( ) * ( * ( **II . Criteria for valuing an AIRDROP PROJECT **However, you have to agree with me that, currently, there are too many different projects to hunt for airdrops. Garbage yes, good yes. You don’t have the energy to do it all, so it’s important to filter the project. In my opinion, the filter criteria will include: **Projects that call for a lot of capital**: Any project that receives a lot of investment funds and calls for a lot of capital is a sign that this is a fairly quality project, can grow long term. Furthermore, the financial position also reflects the credibility and influence of the project in the crypto space. For example, zkSync raised $458 million and Scroll raised $80 million. You can find information about the earliest fundraising projects at these two websites: ( ( **Strong backing community**: Projects are strongly supported by large funds, from Influential and popular figures often have a high success rate, as they will bring a degree of legitimacy and the project can leverage them for additional resources. Example: Arbitrum is backed by Polychain Capital, Pantera,.. **Has a diverse ecosystem**: When assessing the value and strength of a project, its fundamentals are very important. . Good fundamentals often indicate that a project has innovation or problem-solving capabilities, so there’s plenty of potential for long-term growth. **There is a fomo topic**: FOMO here is not a negative bias. Because a crypto project wants to develop well, to be noticed, it needs a bit of controversial and noticeable nature. Good attention equals good marketing, which indirectly reflects the project’s ability to attract new users. Therefore, if people see that there are many topics or many people discussing a project, don’t ignore it. **There is a clear tokenomics design**: Although, there are very few public tokenomics projects before the token launch, but there will also be a few projects. Good tokenomics is important because through tokenomic design it is possible to know if a project is worth participating in. For example, if a large percentage of tokens in a project are allocated to the founder or team, or there is no entry for the community, then it is very likely that it is not trusted. **III. BASIC AIRDROP TYPES** To increase your chances of receiving an Airdrop, you must understand the logic of the Airdrop. To do this, you must first understand what types of Airdrops exist, and then learn the specific rules of each project. And will usually be divided into the following types: **- Airdrop for token/NFT holders**:If you hold a certain NFT or Token, the project will give you an airdrop token. For airdrops of this type, most projects will announce in advance in the economic model of the whitepaper, as a marketing method. Users will have to pay to buy certain NFT/TOKEN to receive the airdrop. For example: *NFT BAYC and MAYC holders previously received a lot of APE airdrops, or AIDOGE airdropped a large amount of tokens to Arbitrum (ARB) token holders.* **- Airdrop for node runners: ** As a node runner, you provide hardware equipment and serve network builders at the request of the project party, in addition to the income from the work itself, you are also rewarded. There are certain technical thresholds, only for those already familiar with this. In general, this type of airdrop is very difficult to participate in, not suitable for the majority, so if you are an amateur airdrop hunter and have no knowledge, you do not need to care about this airdrop. **- Airdrop marketing:** Besides, the project will have some tasks to promote, market or make memes, which are generally quite easy to do and cost little. Since the difficulty of the task is not very high and the entry threshold is low, most of these airdrops are lottery based. The amount of airdrop will not be too large. Lesser-known projects often choose this category as the most, both as a way to help people promote the project for them. **-** ** Retroactive airdrop:** This is an airdrop for users and product experiences. The project side will choose a time to take a snapshot, record information about users who have participated in using their products and services before a certain period of time and give airdrops to this object.. **Note: ** * *The crypto market is always evolving, so the airdrop will always be adjusted to be more suitable from time to time* * *Some project regulations will inform you in advance, but some unannounced project. Even some project parties will tell you that they don’t have airdrops, but eventually issued airdrops (except SUI says it can be done @@ )* * *Various types of airdrops, with conditions and methods of receiving different airdrops.* * *The ultimate goal of the airdrop is that the project wants to build an ecosystem and attract users to participate in its ecosystem. Not a program, a mini game for everyone to get rewards so please join the experience as real as possible* * *If you don’t win the airdrop, the effort is not necessarily a waste because of the experience of using the product is an effective way to skin the game* **IV. EXPERIENCE FOR EFFICIENT AIRDROP HUNTING** In general, how to receive the airdrop depends on the project you are hunting. But the key is to see what the project needs, so try to participate and interact as enthusiastically as possible. Whether or not the airdrop is received cannot be guaranteed. But there are some notes everyone should remember before embarking on an airdrop hunt of any project to increase the odds of winning the airdorp: * *The chain of accounts associated with mail such as Discord, Twitter, Galxe… must always be in the same agreement. and always use 1 wallet address with the linked email* * *If you use multiple wallets, you should fake IP carefully and should have 1 file to manage airdrop projects* * *Join all the actionable activities derived from the project. Satellite projects around the network should be done at a reference level.* * *Try to experience the project as real as possible because the project gives Retroactive to users because they contribute to the product, rather than make yes to receive Airdrop. For example for AMM projects, if you only Swap a few symbolic commands, there is a high chance that you will not receive the Airdrop.* * *The source of funds transferred to the wallet addresses must be different. Example: Each account on the CEX exchange sends to a wallet address and avoids them interacting with each other.* * *The cost must always be calculated because airdrops are not always free. The project experience process sometimes requires us to spend a fee to operate, especially in Ethereum with the extremely high gas fee. Many cases have spent a lot of money to participate, but in return did not receive any airdrop.* * *Hardly follow the project Discord channel. Discord channel of projects will always be the place to update the most detailed information about ongoing events. The roles on the project’s Discord are also very important, this will be the basis for the project to consider the airdrop or help you receive the corresponding privileges.* * *Use a combination of different tools because the same project has appear on many different tools. When participating in an airdrop hunt or a whitelist of any project, the first thing you need to do is go through the tools to filter out the tasks that can be done at the same time. For example: Perform the transaction task of Optimism Quest and satisfy the task of the Optimism network on Layer3 * * *Beware of fraudulent websites and channels about airdrops. Never click and connect to unorthodox links.*

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