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Tips or find coins to speculate on.

> A good project is one that we find ourselves. If you still depend on the news source of the KOLs, you may become liquid for them. Don’t put yourself in the shoes of your prey. Today I would like to share with you in the group tips or find coins to speculate on KyberNetWork TrendingSoon( Here I will introduce you to the Trending tool. Soon. This is a product of the Vietnamese dev team but a high quality Vietnamese product. This is a free tool powered by AI and synthesizes coins/tokens before they increase.. as you can see in the picture it has discovered BABYDOGE, SXP, HOT these coins have all increased. strong growth. Besides, this tool also announces the date that these coins were found. As the name implies, the trends section aggregates trending tokens based on data from various sources such as coinmarketcap, coinecko, twitter and onchain data using AI. ***How ​​to play.*** ***Step 1:*** Go to Kybernetwork trendingsoon to sort the order of coins from newest to oldest, check which coins haven’t flown and the time period is closer to the check time better then note again. Check both items 1d and 7d (I personally use item 1d) ***Step 2:*** After you have checked and selected the coins that have not increased, you will find information related to that coin . Normally I would search on Twitter. For example, I see the ZIL coin was detected by the tool on 2023/3/17, and the price has not yet flown. On Twitter, type “$ZIL” to search for related information and I found information on Twitter that ZIL will launch an EVM virtual server on this April 25, why I prefer ZIL. ? Because like the previous times, every time the technology updates, these coins will fly, for example, when FIL announces the launch of FVM, the price of FIL from $ 4.3 to 9 is likely to increase in the near future. How to find information about a coin on Twitter, please read this post again: ***Step 3:*** Check the elements factors around to find the entry point. Check more about macroeconomic factors, check the shark wallet for signs of collection or not? Whether BTC supports or not are the factors that support the entry argument. Usually, I will prioritize finding coins with signs of onchain consolidation or good news related to that coin. ***Step 4:*** Technical analysis of that coin, determine the entry point to take profit and manage capital ***Note:*** * This Kybertrending soon tool should be combined with skill research, ptkt, pt onchain and many more, don’t just see it trendingsoon and then close your eyes and buy it and pray for it to increase. * It is possible that Kybertrending can detect a coin but it cannot know for sure when that coin will fly or may enter the list but not fly or increase slightly so need to manage capital and stoploss clearly. * The coins on Kybertrending soon are just suggestions for us to prioritize which coins to research carefully and other related issues. * There will be coins that fly not due to news but due to PTKT like BABYDOGE coin according to PTKT hitting fibo. * Most of the time I see that the coins that are trending soon are speculative coins, whose profit is closing, so people should not hold anything, but if you want to hold, you must research carefully.

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