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TIPs Play Binance Launchpad

> *Binance has just announced that it will launch its 30th project Launchpad, SPACE ID. So, today I will share the steps to participate and a few small tips for you when playing Launchpad. This article may be late, but hopefully it’s still in time and it’s useful for the next time Binance Launchpad remember to save it for later use.* **I/ What is Binance Launchpad?** Binance Launchpad is a The unique platform allows us to participate in the first purchase of promising new tokens from various projects. It also helps to raise awareness and recognition for these projects. In order to be listed on Binance Launchpad, the project must go through extremely rigorous testing processes based on the criteria set by Binance. There have been launchpad projects with quality x hundreds of times like Matic or the most recent 2 quality trends are AXS, GMT so SPACEID is likely to also promise equally huge profits so don’t miss this. Details on Binance Launchpad SpaceID here: ( **II/ How to join** a/ Article In order to buy IEO on Binance Launchpad, everyone needs to ensure that they meet all of the conditions that Binance offers, details are as follows: * Have a Binance account and remember to complete KYC. * It is necessary to hold BNB before the opening date. There will be a time when the system will take a snapshot (snapshot) of the BNB balance on our wallet (snapshot time unknown). * Then it’s registration time, we have a few hours to register to buy project tokens and must sign a token purchase agreement before completing our BNB commitment. Once committed, the BNB will be locked and will not be able to redeem or access any other functions such as transfer, withdrawal or trading until token allocation is complete. * Next is the time to calculate the token allocation, now just wait for the results. * Finally, the system will automatically deduct the amount of BNB corresponding to the amount we bought, then the remaining BNB and the purchased token will automatically be transferred to the account. **b/ How to participate** **Step 1: Calculation time for holding BNB** In this step, everyone needs to calculate the Participation Limit. Usually most people here Participation Limit will be determined by our average BNB balance over a certain period of time, usually 7 days (this will be specified in how to participate). Note that **no** can’t staking( )( or do anything else with your BNB during this time. **Step 2: Subscription Period – BNB Commitment** Once the Participation Limit has been determined, we will be able to pledge and lock any amount of BNB (no more than the Participation Limit) to receive Launchpad tokens. **Step 3: Binance will calculate the number of Tokens to allocate** After the BNB commitment period expires, Binance will calculate the number of tokens each user has acquired in about 1 hour. **Step 4: Allocate LaunchPad tokens and return residual BNB** Once each user’s tokens are determined, a portion of our locked BNB will be deducted for Launchpad tokens. Both BNB and Launchpad tokens will be automatically transferred to the spot wallet. **III/ Good tips when joining Binance Launchpad** We all know that if we buy BNB and store it when participating in Binance Launchpad, there will be a risk that if BNB decreases, the amount of BNB participating in the launchpad will lose. How to solve that problem?, now we will use a strategy called **“Delta Neutral Strategy”** Example: Assuming the current price of BNB is 300 USD, you buy 20 BNB (6,000 USD) but if BNB drops to 290 USD, we will lose 200 USD, then we will handle it as follows. Join Binance Launchpad. At the same time, you open a Short order (or borrow short sell margin) 20 BNB (price 300USD) deposit 6,000 USD (no leverage) on Binance. Now the total Delta of your position will be 0, where: * Buy 20 BNB, total Delta position +20 (because buying spot Delta underlying asset will equal 1). * Short 20 BNB, total Delta position -20 (because when short futures, Delta will be ~ -1). * You are in a Delta Neutral position. Thus, in this case, your total portfolio assets will not be changed by fluctuations in the price of BNB (unless your Short order is liquidated). Now your profit will depend on the ROI of the token on Binance Launchpad. According to my observations, when joining Binance Launchpad, the number of oversubscribed will be up to a few hundred times (say about 500 times) ⇒ Only 0.2% of your capital will be used to buy Launchpad tokens. For more details on this strategy, you can read this article carefully. ( )( However, as I observe, most when participating in Binance open Launchpad , the price of BNB all increased, partly because many people rushed to buy BNB to join the launchpad partly because it is rare for Binance to launch Launchpad at the right time to make sure they have calculated it. However, everyone should also note that when Launchpad is finished, BNB will decrease. **b/How to take profits?** **Looking at the ROI of previous Binance Launchpad projects you can review here: ** ( binance-launchpad)( However, this is just a reference because some projects are trending, some are not like GMT x410 times and like AXS is x up to 1643 times. so please carefully consider the potential of the project and the general situation of the market. Spaceid is like ENS so I think the project will be somewhere between 200-300M marketcap is suitable for everyone to close. **Compare project types of the same type to see how much marketcap is:** There are currently 6 projects similar to SpaceID, you can refer to its marketcap to forecast SpaceID’s cap. **Ethereum Name Service** : is a pioneer Name Service project in the DeFi market born in May 2017 developed on ETH **Unstoppable Domains:** Unstoppable Domains is a domain name project developed on Polygon * *.bit (dotbit):** is working on 4 blockchains namely Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and Tron. **CyberConnect** : .cc domain minting is happening only on BNB Chain. **Lens Protoco**l : is not a project specializing in Name Service array like the above 5 projects. However, Lens Protocol’s activity is associated with the .lens domain name because each user must own the domain name. Only the ENS project has been able to participate so far, so as I said SpaceID will have a marketcap of 200-300M for everyone to take profit is reasonable **Taking profit according to PTKT:** There are many ways Taking profits and taking profits according to BTC combined with marketcap as I say here is the best way to take profits. Because, if BTC crashes, nothing will rise. About how to take profits according to PTKT, there is an article that Cao Pham Chi has already said. ( check it out.

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