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> Hello guys! Last week, projects like BCH, XVG or COMP all had impressive growth, all at least **x3** in just **1 month;** and most of these projects have one characteristic. generally old coins. Although, in the group, we all have a penchant for new coins, but not always the old coin is less attractive than the new. Let’s find out and analyze with me **WHAT ARE I/OLD COINS? **Old coins or old crypto projects are projects that have existed for a period of time from **3 to 4 years** or more. These projects have been around for a while, having gone through several pumps/dumps on the chart. Old crypto projects often have built some communities, have had some outstanding achievements in the past and may not be as hot and noticeable now as before, but the projects continue to maintain. and listed on exchanges. **1.1/ Advantages and disadvantages when investing in old coins. ** We all know that old coins are definitely not attractive and safe to invest in new coins, but looking at them all have their advantages and disadvantages, here are some pros and cons when investing in coins. old. ** Advantages** * Having paid off all the tokens or paying almost all of the tokens, the selling force is low * Tokens are mainly held by the team, no inflation, so there is no selling pressure from unlocking tokens. * Because the old coin has pumped / dumped many times, so there is no fear of being divided too many times like the new coin. * There was a certain foothold, so there was a community, a list of some famous CEX exchanges. ** Cons:** * Because the old project has pumped/dumped many times, the project has no motivation to continue, the possibility of chart drifting is HIGH! * Outdated has no incentive to increase prices, because the project was “hot” in the past, current trends/narratives no longer promote the project to increase in price. * Easy to drift the chart, because of course, if there are a lot of retail holders, the shark will definitely not collect the goods and push them back to the shore * Easy to hack or hack because the technology is too old because the team no longer updates . * In the long term, it certainly cannot be as profitable and safe as the old coin, so it needs to be researched carefully. **1.2/ Note: **For old coins, there are usually 3 directions and we will only focus on projects listed on Binance, because Binance is the world’s largest exchange if the team is not reputable. If the project credits refuse to work, they will proceed to transfer the project’s tokens to the “***Innovation***” area before making a decision to Delist from the exchange. And usually the old coin will have the following 3 main directions: * Change the name to change the chart. *For example COCOS => COMBO, Alpha Finance => Stella and as we can see, the token pumped after announcing the name change.* * Junk coins pump/dump on exchanges like SNM, OAX,… these are the small-cap coins * Continue to develop only focusing on products like NEO, XVG, BCH, LINK,… these are projects that have extremely necessary technologies like LINK or have a certain foothold such as: BCH. +) If you play old coins, only focus on Binance (because listing standards and keeping it from being delisted are quite difficult) ⇒ Team works hard, the project is alive and active. +) You should check the project carefully because there are some projects like JASMY team dev that secretly release tokens. +) In the medium and long term, except for BTC, ETH, if the old coin is pumped, it should take profits, so it should not be held for a long time, so to focus on the new coin. +) With old coins, you should focus on the leading projects of that segment for example, oracle, you should choose LINK, lending should choose AAVE or COMP, and if you choose the following top projects, the risk is higher. +) Please research carefully, because if the project is good, then pump dump at least a few times, no one would be foolish enough to create a good project and let it die 1 season prematurely. +) It is also not advisable to invest in old coins that are too big or involved in the law like XRP. ** II/ HOW TO PLAY** **1, How to play old coins** **1.1/ Old coin low cap pump/dump on Binance.** About how to play old coin lowcap or pump/dump on Binance exchange then admin Phan Dat wrote a pretty good and complete post everyone: ** **(TIPS HIT SHITCOIN LOWCAP (P1))( ) Including the way to change the name of the chart and pump/dump, I can add an idea that how to quickly know the news, the only way is to read Twitter carefully, or take care surf informational sites. **1.2/ Remaining old coins **Similar to the above, the top coin array, based on the casestudy of NEO, BCH, I can make the following conclusions: * That project must survive, and still listing on major exchanges like Binance. * There is still community support * There must be a catalyst to drive the price up for that project. For example, LTC halving, so some mining coin systems benefit like BCH, XEC, DASH * If possible, check the onchain to see if anyone buys and sells that coin, if there is no retail, it’s very convenient for sharks to gather. row. **2. Case Study** Here I will take an example of a NEO to analyze: NEO is a fairly old project that has experienced 2 uptrend seasons in 2017 and 2021, now it’s super old. We can take the 2021 mark, it is still an old coin compared to itself when it was first launched in 2017. So before that it experienced a sharp drop from the top of $ 200 to nearly $ 4-5 is almost 50 times from the top. . In 2017, when NEO was just launched, it was highly appreciated, generally a hot project at that time, the amount of tokens in circulation was low, so it was easy for the house to push the price up to $ 200 after discharging at the top after getting rid of it. but retail swings at high prices, sharks gradually gather at low prices to prepare to pump again for 2021. And as you can see, from $4 to 150 in uptrend 2021. ⇒ Likewise, everyone please pay attention. Take a look at some new quality platform coins that pump a season with the above criteria to find quality old coins. ***CONCLUSION:*** Surely everyone reading this article is wondering why the new coin is not playing? It is true that new coins are safer but it is not always advisable to play new coins, and in the current situation, most new coins have pumped once and are in the token payment phase or are being overvalued. Therefore, it is advisable to allocate a little capital to the old coin, which can both x tk and experience the market.

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