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Tips to increase gaming performance on Android phones

# **Tips to increase gaming performance on Android phones** **Do you often play games on your Android phone? The following simple tips will help optimize and make the device more game-friendly.** ## **Increase the screen refresh rate** As the device has a higher refresh rate, the players will The smoother the image will be. This is the first choice when you want to increase the performance of playing games on your Android phone without rooting the device. Many Android phones allow the user to change the refresh rate of the screen at will. So change this value to the highest the device can and start the game, you will notice the difference. How to do: * Open the Settings app > Display. * Select Next to Advanced > Refresh Rate. * Finally select the highest value of scan frequency provided by the phone. Note, depending on the brand of Android phone that the settings may change, pay attention to the settings related to changing the display of the device. ## **Choose the fastest possible network connection** If playing online games on your Android phone, internet connection speed is a very important factor affecting gaming performance. Therefore, ensuring the device is operating in a stable network connection is paramount for a smooth and lag-free experience. Choose to use whatever connection is fast enough, be it a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, especially a 5G connection if possible. But if you play multiplayer game, be aware that Wi-Fi network will have much lower ping than mobile data, so Wi-Fi stability will also be higher. ## **Disable Force 4x MSAA** Force 4x MSAA (anti-aliasing) is an option available on some Android phones that greatly enhances the visual quality of the game. This is by far the best developer setting for improving the look and feel of the game, but it also has the downside of significantly degrading gameplay performance. If the processor on the phone is not powerful enough, players will experience frame drops when playing graphics-intensive games like *PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Mobile,* … Plus , this feature is also very ‘consuming’ battery. So try disabling Force 4x MSAA and check if games become smoother. Besides, you’ll be able to play games longer without worrying about battery life. However, not all Android phones support Force 4x. You can check if your device supports this option by following these steps: * Open the Settings app, scroll to About phone (usually at the bottom of the list) and tap the line Build number 7 times. Now the phone will notify the device is working under developer mode. Some devices may require a password to be entered before enabling this mode. * Go back to the Settings app’s menu and select the System item. Select Developer options, then find the Force 4x MSAA option and turn it off. If you can’t find it by following the steps above, search for Force 4x from the search bar in the Settings app (still need to enable developer mode first). ## **Limit background processes** Background processes can affect gameplay performance because they reduce the amount of memory available for the game. You can improve your phone’s gaming performance by limiting the number of processes that can run in the background. To do this, you’ll also need to switch your phone into developer mode first. Then do the following: * Open the Settings app > System. * Select Developer options and scroll down to Apps. * Select the line Background process limit and select the maximum number of background processes you want to set up. ## **Delete junk files on phone** The more files the phone contains, the slower it works. Especially in the case of running out of storage space. So, clean up unused files or junk files in the system to improve the performance of your phone. This will have a positive impact on your gaming experience. Go to Settings app > Storage. Touch the Free Up Space button and select the data that is no longer needed, then click Free Up to clean up. ## **Disable battery saver mode** Battery saver mode prioritizes battery life over the performance of Android devices. This will negatively affect the gaming experience. Therefore, before you start playing the game, make sure that the feature is disabled. You can turn off this feature from the Quick Settings menu by swiping down from the top of the screen, or through the Settings app by going to Battery > Battery Saver and turning off the Use Battery Saver option. ## **Use Game Accelerator** With more and more people playing games on Android phones, more apps that can optimize the device for gaming have also appeared. Apps of this type can adjust various options in the system to ensure the smoothest gameplay of the phone, and they will also turn off notifications for uninterrupted gameplay. You won’t need to manually optimize each option as the app will do everything with a single tap. Game Booster is a very popular free game optimization application on Android. You can download it from the Google Play store to experience it. ## **Overclocking Phone CPU** Finally, a more practical way for mobile gaming enthusiasts is to overclock the phone’s CPU. This will help the processor become more powerful by fully exploiting its power, thereby being able to handle more tasks at the same time and improve the game experience. You can overclock the CPU on most Android phones available. However, keep in mind that the phone will need to be rooted before overclocking. If you don’t have experience in rooting your phone, it’s best not to do this, otherwise you run the risk of turning your device into… a brick. To overclock your Android phone, you need to install a custom kernel first. You can then use a popular application like Franco Kernel Manager to overclock the CPU. Overclocking will make the phone generate more heat and shorten battery life, but it can get the most out of the device.



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