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Tips to solve serious security errors on iPhone

All data on iPhone uses the phone unlock code to access. But users can increase the security of the phone with this trick.

At the end of February, the Wall Street Journal published an article about a series of cases where iPhone users were tracked by hackers. They unlock the phone, then steal the device to infiltrate the victim’s data stored on the device.

After knowing the iPhone unlock code, the thief can completely change the password associated with the Apple ID. Lock the account and any files stored in iCloud of the victim. They can also access financial apps like banking apps with the unlock code.

Knowing the iPhone’s passcode, thieves can also easily reset the victim’s Apple ID password in the Settings app. Even with Face ID or Touch ID enabled. They can then turn off Find My iPhone on the phone, preventing the owner from tracking its location. Or remotely erase the device via iCloud.

By default, the iPhone unlock code will be used to access all of the owner’s data. So, to avoid unfortunate situations, users should add an extra layer of security to their iCloud account.

Settings on iPhone via the Screen Time feature can do it right.

To enhance iPhone security, simply add a Screen Time passcode to your iCloud settings. This password will prevent the thief from accessing the user’s iCloud settings.

If the phone is unfortunately stolen and the thief tries to change the password. They will have to pass an extra layer of the password. During that time, users simply go to the Find my app and put the iPhone in Lost Mode.

To set it up, users go to Settings -> Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions and enable this feature.

Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Change account -> select Don’t allow.

Next, go back to Screen time, scroll down and tap Use Screen time passcode.

Here, users can set up an additional secure password for their iCloud account. The Screen time password feature was originally designed so that parents could limit their children’s phone time. Prevent them from spending money on in-app purchases.

In addition, users can also enhance iPhone security by using an unlock code containing both letters and numbers. This type of password will be much harder to peek or guess than for a regular PIN.

To set up a strong secure unlock code including both letters and numbers. Users go to Settings -> Face ID & Password -> Change password. Then, tap Password Options and switch to Alphanumeric passwords.

This way will be more or less annoying when the owner needs to unlock the phone. However, iPhone models from iPhone X onwards all have Face ID face unlock feature. The user only has to enter the password after restarting the device.



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