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> Hello guys! In the uptrend season, the prerequisite to being able to xx accounts in the uptrend season is to prepare yourself with skills or learn projects right now. Here are the things and knowledge that everyone needs to learn to be able to do that. ## **I, Things to Learn** ***1. Find out now and in the downtrend season, what is the project building?*** We know that the projects that are really quality, explode in the next season, most of them are released during the downtrend. Because the downtrend is a difficult time, there is no cash flow, leading to a lot of users and development teams leaving the market, especially for bogus or ponzi projects. Initially, we will select good projects first with long-term potential, real builds can be classified into the following 3 categories: * Projects that have been ****slow*** with market/trend: Build the remaining ones. lack. That is, seeing a successful model and then being able to imitate that model to follow. * Project ***accompanying*** market/trend: Continue to maintain what is available at present. Because we know that to come up with an idea, new model to attract non-crypto users is not easy, must have potential, financial,… * The project*** creates*** market /trend: Launching new products, creating a trend. *For example a new model similar to m2e, or Blur’s NFTfi* ***2. Prediction, background analysis or what will lead the market in the next uptrend season? *** Every season wakes up! For example, in 2019 with Defi leading the market, 2020-2021 we have Gamefi, Metaverse, … Surely in the next uptrend season there will be a new concept, a new story that will lead the whole market. However, predicting or analyzing what will explode next season is impossible for retail investors. We can only rely on the past to predict some part of the future. Or look at what a large institution, a large market maker like Binance focuses on investing in to predict which platforms will explode in the future *(as shown)*. ***3. Follow the market rhythm and find yourself an effective news filtering system.*** There are many people who think that: Downtrend, you will lose whatever you buy, so it’s better to wait for the uptrend to come back. But when the trend is up, those people still go back to the old version but the market is different every day :)) They will still be stuck in a losing loop because just ignore the market for a few weeks, we will can’t keep up with its pace. In addition, this crypto market has too much to read, too much to learn, so find yourself an effective news filtering system. Remember: Just 1 beat slow with others, your position is very different from others! For example, you are holding Luna2 but just recently DoKwon was caught, so the price of Luna2 immediately dropped sharply, but you didn’t know it soon → you lost a good amount. ***4. Plan to allocate capital, manage capital and find the right entry, time to enter.*** Capital management means that we have to control the amount of money in the account, not to lose too much. , at the same time you also need to keep the profit level when trading. Good capital management is necessary because it will help us to ensure that we can always adapt and survive in the market. So, why do many of you already know the theories of capital management but still do not really manage capital well? That’s because we still underestimate “*Capital Management*”, trading as well as buying and selling according to emotions, “all-in” blindly. In addition, because the majority of brothers in Vietnam often pursue short-term profits, prefer to go long/short on the floor and fight with CZ. We are often like: rushing in to follow the trend, following the crowd, but not many people really want to learn and spend time researching, so when we enter the real battle, we still lose. ***5. Try to control your psychology against market fluctuations.*** Crypto market is a volatile and risky place where the price of coins can fluctuate in short time. To invest successfully, *psychological control* is an indispensable factor. We need to understand the crypto market well, learn about market trends, major events that affect the market, and adjust our investment plan as the market fluctuates. Try to be patient and don’t panic! Do not rush to sell when the market is falling, nor should you buy quickly when the market is up. ***6. Having a stable source of money and having a cash flow to invest.*** In most contexts, I personally think that everyone needs to build a mindset of “Setting aside an emergency reserve fund. provided, used for difficult times”. You have to survive long enough in this market before expecting to make money from it. For example, a gloomy market downtrend, investment is reduced. However, if you have fallen into a situation where you have not saved any reserves and the market has fallen into a downtrend, what to do to get money through this period? The main answer is “***Work to earn***”, go to work and earn money! As long as you don’t break the law, you can make money with whatever works for you. Of course, the priority should be to choose crypto-related industries, both having money and knowledge to prepare for the next uptrend season. ## **II, Knowledge needs to be equipped for the next uptrend season.** > The next step on the journey to have xx accounts next season is *knowledge*. Up to now, crypto has been born for nearly 14 years, has experienced several uptrend and downtrend seasons. So everyone can see: There is a lot of different knowledge in the market, the game is changing and getting harder and harder. Therefore, it is necessary to update and update knowledge continuously. ***first. Technical analysis (PTKT**):* *Technical analysis* is a method of evaluation based on price movements and its chart patterns. This involves looking at past price movements, identifying trends, and using technical indicators to predict future price movements. In the group, there are also a lot of articles talking about how to learn technical skills, so I will not present any more. I just want to add to everyone when learning technical analysis that: * Do not use too many indicators, using 4-5 indicators at the same time is too much, usually people should only use *** 2-3 indicators*** effectively to avoid information interference. It is recommended to choose indicators that support each other, and limit the use of opposite indicators at the same time. * Combine other indicators to confirm the trend the indicator is using. After the indicator you use gives a hint of a new trend, people should incorporate other tools and analysis to be able to confirm them. * Understand the indicator in use, how it works, how to apply it to make investment decisions in order to make accurate judgments in the analysis process. ***2. Fundamental analysis (PTCB): *** PTCB (Fundamental Analysis – FA) is the analysis of the basic elements of a project, from internal factors to external factors, assessing the impact of factors. factor to the value of the project. There have been many articles in the group about fundamental analysis already, so I will add a few ideas that everyone should focus on learning. ***a, Ecosystem Knowledge *** In a market where there are so many blockchain platforms like this, ecosystem knowledge helps you assess which ones are developing well. , which are stagnating and which are not likely to grow. Once we have a solid understanding of the ecosystem, we will find it easier to find investment opportunities. ***b, Knowledge of Defi and NFT*** Maybe Defi and NFT may not resonate recently, but this is not a short term trend they will accompany the market until later . It creeps into any activity in the crypto market. For example, a trend that belongs to Gamefi has a combination of Defi and NFT,… ***c, Knowledge to ‘skin in the game’*** Learn more about retroactive hunting, airdrop how to do it do they work? How to find good platforms to skin in the game, farming knowledge in defi,… ***d, Project investment and evaluation knowledge*** Learn more about knowledge about Valuation, information search skills, observation skills, information transformation skills, and news selection and comparison skills. Of course, this will depend on the cultivation process, depending on the actual combat experience, everyone will absorb this knowledge by themselves. **3. Macroeconomic analysis:** In addition to specific news related to the cryptocurrency sector, economic and macro news also have a great influence on this market. Therefore, learning about the news and macro indicators that will affect the market is important that any cryptocurrency investor should know. The most important macro news affecting crypto are those related to *USD strength* and *Fed interest rate policy*. If the USD weakens and interest rates drop, then cryptocurrencies will benefit. Therefore, the data affecting the Fed’s decision to increase or decrease interest rates such as: US inflation, the strength of the economy… all affect the cryptocurrency market. **4. Analysis of market sentiment: **In financial investment, we often use fundamental analysis and technical analysis methods to predict market behavior but forget that an equally important factor , which directly affects the price movement, which is the “market sentiment” factor. Market sentiment analysis is an analysis that focuses on measuring the overall psychological and emotional state of all the participants in the market. This method of analysis attempts to quantify what percentage of the forex market participants are biased towards an uptrend or a downtrend. This is the most overlooked analysis method, but it is quite important. **5. Onchain Analysis:** Onchain is a fundamentals-based approach by understanding the history on the blockchain rather than relying on sentiment or technical analysis. Through this analysis, we can look at both the current situation and the past trends. Assuming there is a large amount of stablecoins being pushed up on exchanges, this could be the move for a short-term bull run. Based on this, we will have more grounds to make a more effective investment strategy! *P/s: Thank you everyone for taking the time to read. I wish you success*

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