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To prevent iPhone from overheating in hot weather

## Not only people, hot weather can also affect the “health” of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad. iOS and iPadOS devices have typical operating temperatures between 0º and 35º C. Outside temperature conditions that get too low or too high can cause the device to change its operating behavior to regulate the temperature. . According to information from Apple, using an iOS or iPadOS device in overheating conditions can permanently reduce battery life. Normally, Apple devices will work effectively in environments with temperatures ranging from -20º to 45º C. ## Distinguishing reasons for phone heating During use, iPhone in particular and mobile devices Mobile devices can get hot for a number of reasons such as: restoring from a backup, wireless charging, using high-graphics apps, games or features, streaming high-quality video. It is normal for the device to heat up when the user uses the above features, and the device will return to its normal temperature when the process is complete or when the user finishes his or her activity. If the device does not display a temperature warning, the user can continue to use the device without worry. However, there are some other reasons why mobile devices heat up abnormally, which is when they are exposed to sunlight and hot weather for too long, using mobile data in hot weather, leaving closed cars in the sun or simply the ambient temperature rises too high. Users need to be careful when using mobile devices in the above cases, to prevent fire, explosion, device damage that affects life and work. ## Identify phone overheating If the internal temperature of the device exceeds the normal operating range, the user may notice the following changes: charging, including wireless charging, slows down or stops, the screen dims or turns black. In addition, the mobile antenna is also switched to a low power state, causing the signal to weaken during this time. Overheating also causes the camera flash to turn off temporarily, reducing performance with apps or features that use a lot of graphics or augmented reality. Additionally, if you’re using a navigation feature like Google Maps on the road and overheat, your device may display a “Temperature: iPhone needs to cool down” warning and turn off the screen. However, the navigation feature continues to provide audio guidance. ## What to do to prevent overheating iOS and iPadOS devices come with some built-in protections by Apple to prevent overheating. If the device’s internal temperature exceeds its normal operating range, it will protect the internal components by attempting to regulate the overall temperature. Therefore, users should avoid conditions and activities that cause overheating as they can change device performance. Such activities include: leaving the device in a car on a hot day, leaving the device in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, using certain features in hot or bright weather conditions direct sun for long periods of time.



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